Chapter 15 : Ambush

“You even kept up with the time? You’re too nice, Konnor.”

Konnor groans. He decides to ignore Sarah and her antics. He didn’t want to ruin the liveliness of this party just because of her.

Rachel and Alderic come back and take their seats respectively. At the corner of his eye, Konnor sees Rachel’s eyes glimmering in tears of happiness. A gentle smile etched onto Konnor’s face.

“I’m finally engaged with the love of my life!” Rachel whispers to Konnor. Konnor merely smiles and pats her head lovingly. 

“Rachel, we should get ourselves ready for the next event,” Alderic says as he looks at his fiance tenderly. Rachel nodded shyly, and allowed Alderic to guide her towards the back stage. Meanwhile, Sarah and Isabella follow them from behind. Konnor found this parti

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