Chapter 16 : Sharing, not caring

“What’s the commotion outside?”

Rachel is currently fixing her makeup. The next event involves friendly games among the guests. So, she had to change out of her long gown into a more casual outfit. Of course, being the star of the day, her casual outfit has to be impeccable. She opted for a long-sleeved baby blue shirt and a pair of white jeans. She also had a long vest as the icing of the entire outfit.

“It seems like the police officers are trying to restrain someone, miss,” the makeup artist replies as she applies some lip gloss onto Rachel’s pale lips.

“How dare they barge into my engagement party like this? What would the guests think about us?” Rachel complains.

Alderic came up behind her and placed both his hands onto her shoulder. “Sweetheart, don’t worry. I

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