Chapter 149

" it's fine Olivia, I have forgiven you " I tell her. 

I could see Rona's face lit up at the word 'forgiven'. 

" honestly Olivia, I've also missed you and the way things used to be " 

" me too and that's the reason I came here, I came to put things in order... You've always had a nice heart right from time and I know it wouldn't be hard for you to welcome me back but you see Aisha... Not even Aisha, Deborah in particular   ehn " she laughed 

" calling her Deborah is even a crime " I joined her laughing. 

" I know right " even Anu and Rona giggled. 

We were quiet for a while. 

" remember that time your mom gave you custard to school? " she smirked. 

She didn't even need to say much, I almost fell down laughing. 

" what happened to your custard? " Rona asked unamused. 

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