Chapter 150

" because shouting is all you need to get sense into that head of yours " she fired. 

" you're sick Deb, you need to see a doctor or something! "

" no, you are the mentally deranged person here " she pushed her plate away making it break into pieces. 

" What if Olivia has been right all these while, life isn't all about insults and aggression, can't you just take a chill pill and grow up ..... Besides, I don't even know what I did here "

" she took Jude, she took Derrick and she's probably aiming at Timi and when she gets him, if you come crying to me, your own don done " she barked. 

" and don't you ever in your life tell me to grow up because you are the one person that really needs to grow up "

" whatever " I waved her off. I didn't like fighting with her but she's being stupid. 

" whatever fire you there! " she gave me her five fingers 'waka'

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