Chapter 154

"I didn't expect you'd come" I tell Timi. 

"I'll assume Cora told her boyfriend about today and you people na decided to come and why on Earth would you guys wear an agbada to an orphanage"Aisha sighed. 

Yeah, they were both on this blue 'agbadas'  looking as fresh as ever. 

Timi explained"no we didn't wear it to go with you guys, we are actually going to a colleague's wedding, we just came to drop some few things" 

"you both look silly" Aisha rolled her eyes. It seems she had her monthly visitor because she was always with the attitude whenever she's on it. 

"what things?" Debra asked Timi. Before he could answer, she walked over to their car, looked in it. 

"A fine big bag, a carton of indomie, some other fine bags and ohh, a bag of rice" She called out. 

We turned to the guys to give an explanati

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