Chapter 155

"Olivia, Jennifer" I called out. 

We walked into the room, nobody was there, Aisha entered the bathroom.

"oh my......" She screamed. 

Debra and I rushed into the bathroom"Jesus" 

"oh my God" . 

Timi came towards us"what happened?" 

We didn't need to answer because he could see Olivia on the floor, blood all over. 

"this is what I was talking about. This was what I meant by a dangerous game....... Is she dead?"Aisha cried. 

Debra bent to feel her pulse and all" I don't know... I c-can't tell"  it looked like she was terribly scared.

Her expression seemed blank and the last time Debra had a face like this, she awfully cried her eyes out that day , that was like years ago, the last time I saw her cry: the first time her mom disowned her. 

But I doubted if she would actually

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