Challenge with Nal

On the other hand, everyone on the Rit team ended up killing all the monsters one by one. At the end of the battle, everyone heaved a sigh of relief. No one looked at Eris, who had fought alongside them for so long. Now only the bag lay where Eris had been standing. No one could see Eris anywhere.

"I don't see Eris anywhere. Where did Eris go?" Rena asked in a worried voice.

"Hahaha! Where else could he go? Seeing so many monsters, he probably ran away in fear. He only has a pretty face. He's powerless. Look, it seems like he got killed by one of the monsters," Nal said, laughing out loud.

The rest of the boys joined in on the laughter when they heard Nal's joke. None of the girls said anything because they also thought that Nal was probably right.

At that moment, everyone on the Rit team heard a loud noise coming from the direction where the monsters had come from. Then, one by one, the sounds of many monsters' roars also came from the same direction.

Everyone on the Rit team looked
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