take revenge for Eris'

Everyone wondered what Eris would say, but upon hearing Eris's words, all the boys, including Nal, started laughing. The rest of the girls, including Rena, were surprised to hear what Eris had to say.

"Hahaha! Did you hear what he said? Eris, killing a few monsters seems to have increased your courage. You're challenging me again in this situation. Well, everyone has heard about Eris. Even if I kill him now, I won't be punished. I accept your challenge. You will not come back alive from this gate today," Nal chuckled.

Eris was still standing in front of Nal, smiling at him. Rena came after Eris with a thoughtful expression on her face. The rest of the girls followed Eris as well.

"Eris, don't be stupid. I don't know how you killed so many monsters and how you can still withstand so many wounds. However, don't challenge Nal and risk your own life. Nal is the strongest in our team, and you are two ranks above him. If you fight with Nal in this situation, you will die. There's still tim
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