Fight for Life

Shortly after Scorpion had passed the bar, the sandstorm beneath the rod was also over. Due to the new sand coming with the storm, the sand level under the rod has increased. There is no sign of Eris. Does that mean Eris' story is over?

Suddenly, the sand in one place began to move. After moving like this a few times, a hand came out from under the sand, then another hand came out, and then Eris's entire body came out of the sand. Eris, closing his ability, rested his hands on his knees, panting and trying to calm his heartbeat, which was speeding rapidly. Eris’ nose, mouth, and body were all filled with sand. He took off his armor and sat down on the ground.

"I thought I wouldn't survive today, but I was able to stay in the sand for so long because my states were high. And I don't think I would have survived the forces of the Scorpions, even if I had survived under the sand. This place is not a safe zone. I will die today due to lack of water and excessive heat. What should I do now
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