I am the Angel of the Death

Eris stood in his place, waiting for the centipedes to come in front of him. All the centipedes came forward, but departing from one, all the centipedes entered the coastal part of the sand. When the rest of the centipede approximates Eris, it stretches out its mouth to bite him. With a dreadful smile on his face, Eris pulled out an A-rank sword, the last weapon in his inventory, which he got from Nal’s team. Taking out the sword, Eris ran towards the centipede, and suddenly the seven centipedes submerged in the sand came out around Eris. Thus, seeing eight centipedes approaching at once, he panicked. The centipede in front came very close to Eris; it jumped on Eris’ with a forceful foot. Eris pushed his right-hand sword tightly into the sand, stopped himself, and ran to the right. As soon as the centipede fell into the sand, the surroundings were filled with sand. Eris took advantage of this opportunity.

Because of his high state of sense, Eris could guess where all the monsters were
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