The mysterious boy is a Police Officer!

Since Eris had wounds in various places, although not too deep, the people of the association completely healed him with the help of healers. After he was cured, the people of the association asked him what had happened inside the gate. Eris told them that everyone on his team was devastated when the Monsters suddenly attacked. All of them had jumped on the monsters, including Eris, but he had been wounded with great difficulty and was the only one who had come back alive. Unfortunately, the rest of his team had died at the gate. As Eris cried while telling his story, they believed him even though there was no evidence, and let him go. After talking to them, Eris returned home.

It was a little before noon, and no one was at home. Eris's mother had gone to work, and his sister had gone to school. Eris freshened up, changed his clothes, and sat down on the sofa in the hallway. As he sat there, he looked up at the ceiling and sighed.

"I have to be careful when fighting because if I lose
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