The deal of 2 years

"I know you're a murderer. I have evidence that you killed both of them, as well as a few other people in Crime Valley. The association reports that everyone you went with to the gate today is dead, except for you. But I know you killed everyone on your team at the gate. Once you recover, you'll kill both Lori and Rin, who are still alive. However, I don't understand why you killed the people in Crime Valley or why you killed everyone on the team that went with you today. I've found out about you. You're an Esper of E+ rank. I don't understand how someone who struggled to fight a hobgoblin could kill so many powerful people. Honestly, I'd like to know, but no," Mr. Leek said, looking at Eris with a serious expression.

Eris looked up at Mr. Leek's last words, his eyes flushed with tears and his face filled with fear.

"I only know what I've told you. No one else knows about this. I don't know how you committed so many murders or how you suddenly became so powerful. I don't even want to
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