Unknown Land or Death Land

Sitting in the hallway Eris calming himself for more than half an hour, he finally calmed down a bit. As soon as he remembered going to the gate again, Eris went to the guild.

Eris's obsession with being strong has been exacerbated by Mr. Leeke. But the difference now is that Eris won't do anything without understanding as he used to be. Eris won't give up on hunting anyone who comes his way, but will continue to hunt more cautiously this time around.

Arriving at the Guild, Eris learned that the news of Lori and Rin's suicide had reached the Guild. Everyone knows they both committed suicide. Eris spoke in front of everyone without panicking and expressing regret. Later, after talking to a new team, he went to a gate of E+ rank.

After entering the gate, Eris activated his ability and single-handedly killed all the goblins inside before heading towards the boss monster. The six men on the team couldn't help but stand still, awed by Eris' strength. As he approached the Boss Monster,
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