The emperor is a man of many secrets and few words; his face has never been seen by anyone outside the palace walls since he was born in this country thousands of years ago. His father died when Shoan was very young so that meant it was up to him now to protect the empire from its enemies both foreign and domestic. He had no choice but to be strong for those who depended on him, even if they didn't deserve it. In truth though he could have done without them all together because some were just too annoying or stupid to deal with. One day while sitting alone in his office pondering over how best to kill someone, which took forever these days thanks to their constant neediness, an idea struck him like lightning through a thunderstorm—he would make sure everyone else dies before killing himself. The only problem was that there wasn't enough time left between one person dying and another being born to get everything done in a timely manner…unless he found a way around that pesky little fac
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