Reincarnation of the useless bastard.

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Reincarnation of the useless bastard.

By: MANBREAKER OngoingFantasy

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Harith is a poor college student who is murdered in cold blood by some bandits. Fortunately he's given a second chance and he reincarnated in a magic filled world and with a new name. Determined to not be as useless as he was in his previous life, Harith makes a vow and starts his journey to become the most powerful being ever.

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  • The Supreme writer


    This Book is just getting started and it's interesting, Keep it up author it's an Amazing Way of Starting a book......

    2022-09-04 14:47:01
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133 chapters
Blood drained bodies littered the battlefield. Dark clouds covered the sky as lightning struck multiple places at a time. Two men stood directly opposing each other, one above and one below. They were the only ones surviving out of the numerous humans that had appeared on the battle field. A maniacal laughter echoed. "It doesn't have to be this way Konrad" Admist the unspoken terror a calm man looked up to the sky and spoke."Haha, join me. Join me and we can can rule the world together. Forget these hypocritical heathens, all they do is betray. Come with me and we can be Lords together." A crazy looking man spoke as he floated above.The calm man standing at the bottom sighed as regret filled his face. After a moment of thinking, conviction filled his face and his eyes narrowed. "I am sorry" He muttered as the space around him distorted. A brilliant red armor covered his whole body and a giant sword appeared in his hand."So you have decided to forsake me. So be it" The man above sa
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Already a murderer
"You're not dead yet are you?" Someone laughed next to him. "Huh?!" Harith snapped as he tried to sit up and look at his surroundings, everything seemed blurry, but he suddenly felt a choking sensation. *cough* Harith fell to the floor and coughed his lungs out. After what felt like hours of coughing, he finally got the thing stuck in his throat out. A black burnt object the size of a tennis ball came out of his mouth all drenched in saliva. "Fucking hell" Harith muttered as he cleaned his mouth and got up from the floor. "Eh..." To his surprise, three teenage boys no more than fifteen were looking down on him with faces that obviously meant evil. "You dare look at young master directly in the eye" Harith heard a voice speak before his world got turned upside down. Someone had just hit him...right in the fucking face! "It's okay, I think he's had enough. Let's leave now" The boy in the middle spoke. "Ah young master, I'm not sure he's learnt his lesson yet, let's beat him a few
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The future Sect master
An hour later Harith successfully sneaked back into his room. He found a tray with some food on it but he wasn't even in the mood to eat. He had just killed someone...for the first time in his two lives. What the hell even came over him, why did he go to such lengths? All he wanted to do was save the girl and give the guy and little beating but he killed him instead."Shit shit shit" Harith couldn't focus. He went into the bathroom and poured some water on his face. Although he tried not to think about it, the melted face and blood stained ground kept haunting his mind.He had to calm himself down and think about his next course of action. He hadn't even completed a day here and he had already done something as huge as taking a life.After cooling off he went back to bed and closed his eyes. It had been a long day...he needed more rest.....3 hours later Harith woke up with a rumbling belly. He knew what he needed to do. He couldn't sleep well without taking some food. He was hungr
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Power awakened
Young master baxia exhaled a sigh of relief and fall back to fell to the floor. He tore off a part of his cloth and tied it on his forehead where the crown had been placed. "Bring in the food and the drinks" The sect master ordered with joy. The crowd roared in return. The sect master was not a stingy person, He had killed plenty of cows for this day so there would be more than enough food to go around. The house of master yin was in charge of the cooking so everyone knew they were expecting nothing short of a blissful meal."Eh the young master is really strong isn't he" Harith's mother said to him."hmm" Harith nodded in agreement. Enduring the pain of crown of fire on one's head sounded like something he wouldn't like to try."it's time to serve the food, I'll be back. Don't cause any trouble while I'm gone" Harith's mother said and joined the people that carried food around.Harith stared at her as she left...did she always have to work so tirelessly? Even if she wasn't his real
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Are things finally going well?!
The atmosphere of the event was more cheerful than before thanks to Harith's miraculous save. Harith now stood in the middle of the stage, sweating all over. He was right next to Young master Baxia who was wearing a big smile. Harith didn't know much but he certainly knew how to tell fake from real. And also, wasn't it this guy na this friends that ganged up on him?"Jinwu, today you have saved the lives of master Chen's kitchen. Thank you" The sect master nodded.Harith smiled a little in response."For this deed I shall grant you a reward. Ten thousand jins shall be awarded to you for your efforts" As the sect master spoke and signalled to one of his guards.The crowd clapped and cheered. Ten thousand was a huge sum of money to any teenager. As a result, jealousy began to arise and some wished they had reacted the same way Harith did."Thank you sir" Harith maintained the smile on his face. He didn't know how valuable Ten thousand jins was but from the crowd reaction it had to be s
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Cunning Elder Jang
The pressure was immense! Harith felt like the weight of the world was placed on his shoulder. He started sweating and found it a huge problem to move his eyes not to talk of moving any part of his body. Cho cheong sighed what she was trying to avoid had happened."Why are you late?" A familiar voice spoke. Elder Jang appeared with his hands behind his back and he wore blue robe."I...I l..los...lost my way" Harith struggled to answer. Under this pressure there was no way he could think of lying."And you?" Elder Jang turned to Cho cheong."I overslept master" She responded albeit much more calmly than Harith. This wasn't a first time thing so she was already used to it in a way."Since it is your first time you will be spared. Elder Jang said to Harith. "As for you, this will not go unpunished. For now, go join the rest" He finished talking to Cho cheong and left.As soon as Elder Jang left the pressure Harith felt disappeared entirely.With a sigh of relief he relaxed a bit and look
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Impossible Task?
"what?!""Master Jang!"The students were frightened and disappointed. The martial arts section was their weakest part as they relied mostly on their elemental powers but now Master Jang was saying they couldn't make use of their powers? Those fiery things looked pretty string, how the hell did elder Jang expect them to win with only direct combat?!Harith nodded in approval, this development was for his benefit. He wasn't as strong as the others when it came to fire usage but he knew a thing or two about martial arts from his previous life, he could cope. And seeing as the others were uncomfortable with the idea he guessed they weren't that strong when it came to martial arts.Cho cheong sighed with a downcast face. She was already less than average in the elemental power department and she was even worse in martial arts, there was no way she was getting any of those eyes.Meanwhile inside the hole,Dang gu stopped his fire and immediately made a run for it. He panicked and headed fo
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Impossible task 2
"That rock giant has appeared because you refused to follow the rules of the task and fight. As long as you run without fighting heading the you would be prevented from acquiring the emerald eyes. Let that rest deep in you" Elder Jang said in all seriousness."So there really is no hope...." "Only way to win is to fight" The students were distressed. Elder Jang had taken all possible measures just to make sure they fought. Was he always the relentless?"I will go next" Young master Baxia state suddenly. "Eh? Who said that?""Young master Baxia?""It's about time he stepped up" Elder Jang smiled. He had been waiting for Baxia to talk all this while. Young master Baxia was a very peculiar occurrence happened only once in the history of the four sects. As such he paid very special care to his training...he would lead the sect afterall."Elder Jang, I will be going in now" Young master Baxia bowed.Elder Jang nodded and then young master Baxia dived in.Baxia had made all the necessary
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Friendly Competition 1
"How are you feeling?" Harith asked. He walked with Cho cheong who was looking a bit better now but the bruise on her face was still very evident."I'm okay. It'll heal in a short while" Cho cheong said and touch her eye."You did quite a great thing in there, I'm impressed" Harith spoke from the depths of his heart. Cho cheong had come the closest to taking the emerald eyes. If elder Jang had come clean earlier maybe it would have been a different story."It wasn't anything much, I just ran around and got knocked out" Cho cheong blushed from embarrassment but one could see the joy on her face if they looked closer."Well, Just to make sure you're really okay, let me escort you home" Harith smiled. He had no motives and was just being a gentleman..."Eh? My house is quite far from here I'm not sure you would want to walk that long" Cho cheong quickly denied him."I don't mind. I mean, I have nothing to do so..." Harith shrugged."okay...." Cho cheong finally agreed.The two went back
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Friendly competition 2
At that moment two guards arrived. They had hurried breaths so it was obvious they had been running for quite some time."S...stop" One of them spoke as he held his chest and scrunched his face."Ah Elder Jang" The other one noticed Elder Jang and bowed immediately. The second one too followed.Elder Jang raised one of his eyebrows in a look that questioned the guards."Elder Jang they forcefully came in through the sect's gate. We tried to stop them but before we could do anything they were long gone" One of them said with a worried look."So you broke into the sect, and also barged in here. You better have a good excuse for this?" Elder Jang looked at Rose with an angry face."I told you, u brought friendly competition" Rose smiled as she pointed at the two with her.Elder Jang took a low at the other two person with her. He couldn't see much of them as they had long black robes on them but from what he sensed, they would be of the younger generation."You two leave and report to th
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