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Harith wheezed and gasped for air as he tried to take Alice's leg away from his chest but it was to no avail. The earlier attack had really weakened him. He didn't have the slightest idea of what happened. First he had made an attack and successfully predicted that Alice would dodge it, and then he made a backup attack-One that was guaranteed to hit. But as soon as he made the attack he was struck...What the fuck was going on!

"I expected more" Alice clicked her tongue, the candy in her mouth dancing around. With a rise of her arms she lifted up the scythe and brought it down with all her power!

*Crack!* As soon as Alice lifted up the scythe and exposed her face, a punch came crashing into her. The punch was so devastating it dislocated Alice's jaw.

Alice's eyes turned and she staggered backwards, struggling to even keep hold of her scythe.

*Bang!* Before Alice could recover from the first punch, another one came in. This time right to the temple.

Never in her life had alice fe
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