Jung du eliminated

"Wonderful" Harith's eyes shone with a light he'd never shown before. He had just seen a technique, a move that was mine blowing. A game changing power infact. This was the thing alice had relied on to take him by surprise and then she called him weak after. She had repelled a sure hit attack right back to the user... it was something Harith could very much use if he ever got his hands on it.


*Boom* The ice on the floor shattered into pieces as Layla crash on it. But without wasting time sulking on the icy floor, Layla swallowed her pain and got right up. With a heavy jump she flew upwards, flinging herself towards Baxia and grabbing him by the neck.

Baxia had a face filled with irritation..These four were hell bent on stopping him from making his move. And they knew they couldn't win in a fair fight so they were trying to stop him from achieving victory, at least this way. Baxia didn't think Layla would ever let go of him but still... he couldn't afford to t
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