Counter elimination

A brief moment of silence filled the audience as they watched a person exit the Battlefield through the circle barrier. An elimination had elimination of a member of the raging flames sect?!

An instant roar came from the crowd as soon as Jung du landed on the outside of the circle.

"w...what?!" Jung du looked around him carefully and then looked in front. He could clearly see the barrier seperaying him and the others inside the circle. But how? How was it possible? Had he been eliminated?!

The first point of the first elimination had actually gone to the Great water Serpent sect's side, even against the odds. How?!


Judith smirk got even wider as she took a quick glancce at Jung du and retrieved her hammer. She had scored the first elimination for her team, as a captain that was one of the best things she could do to uplift her team's spirit.

"Damnit" Sao gang muttered as he dodged an icy blue knife that was thrown his way. Even though he was battling someone, his m
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