Ancient Modern Murim

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Ancient Modern Murim

By: Count Doggo OngoingFantasy

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A young adult from the twenty-first century passes out in his room from tiredness. He never considered that it was his last moment. Thankfully, just before he passed away, he grinned at how miserable he was and muttered to himself, "If the god of passion were watching me, please fulfill my wish." His wish was granted by the goddess of passion, who was pleased by how filthy and miserable he was upon hearing it. Sadly, he was reincarnated in a world that was different from what he had anticipated. Note: If the view count reach 100 plus, I'll mass release 5 chapters.

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  • Count Doggo


    The first chapter is the prologue: Main character point of view, He left his old body after death, and posses a new body made by the goddess blessings. In this prologue, the Main Character made his monologue, describing his life before death.

    2022-09-03 22:19:49
  • Sweet_SourKiwi


    this book is interesting, to be honest a little bit confused for the first chapter whether it's in the main character's Pov or the third person's view, but overall it's neat written and nice to read, keep it update Thor, you have so much potential here ...............

    2022-09-02 15:36:19
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61 chapters
I was a genius, brilliant and well-versed versatile young adult in the 21st century. People revere and adore me for my charisma and zealous in raising the company, I work hard and loyal to the company, I made it to the peak to where it is now, but because of my trash, arrogant, sarcastic, perverted and twisted personality, people distance from me little by little. And then I received a notice that I got fired from the company that I am ardently devoted to, my colleagues were laughing and talking behind me. They were happy and celebrated my downfall. I filed a complaint and got enraged by the betrayal they've done to me, unfortunately I was blacklisted. I didn't get a job, so I stayed in the house devastated and in mercy to take my life. I work hard, harder than anyone else. I became an online theorist, novelist, art and literature wizard. I read tons of books about cooking, manhua, manwha, manga. I gain lots of knowledge to a certain degree. Due to exhaustion and abuse of
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Chapter 1: Wounded Traveler
This mountain is secluded for a reason, rationally no one in their right mind would walk in this mountain, since these mountains are encircled with thick forest and on its peak, powerful beasts inhabit it. Suddenly out of the blue, a small meteor pierce the sunny bluish sky, it descended *under the sun. (*on the earth) Upon landing, Boom! The ground trembles and leaves a massive crater on the soil,as the mountain remains unfazed from the meteor dismounted on the ground 2 km away from its point of origin. As the surrounding shake and the mountains were immobile, The birds panicked from a strong massive wave of shock. "cawl3x" the birds ascended in disperse, animals, beast, monster with 4 legs and 2 legs ran away from the source of the tremble. A wounded traveler saw the incident, he drew near and checked what happened, what he saw was a cute, majestic,and out of the blue baby boy. White skin as snow, long dazzling eye lashes, a beauty that even the gods will go green in envy, a lon
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Chapter 2: Young Prodigy
Upon the arrival of the Capital, they met the gatekeeper station from the left and also at the right side of the corner of its main gate.The main gate was a humongous impenetrable wooden brown gate that looked like a two sided door. A gatekeeper was stationed and saw a carriage, "Oh! the Monji crest, come in," Opens the gate with highest respect. The coachman was grateful and said,"Thank you!" Upon reaching the abode of the Monji Family in the capital, They came out from their carriage and faced the main gate of the clan. Its left and right side of its door is carved with a dragon, to its front from side to side, there is a white sculpture of a dragon facing horizontally. On the upper portion of the gate there is a sign board, and it was written as "White Dragon Clan". The two gatekeepers, keeper of the gate of the White Dragon Clan saw a carriage from their crest, One of the gatekeepers went inside and informed the handmade and the handmade informed the head about the arrival o
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Chapter 3: Coming of age
Yang Monji confronts him, "If you were not around all the cultivation resources shall go towards me, and yet here you are a trash that can't cultivate." "Genius? not anymore" "Hmmph, I abhor you, you better stop leeching on my parents we don't need a waste cultivator in our house" He walked out after saying those words. And Xiang Monji was left speechless. Xiang bend 45 degrees facing the ground, as he depressingly state out his thoughts ["Jeez, it seems that I'm not fit for cultivation."] ["For the last 7 years I trained both my body and mind, 100 push up a day, 100 pull ups, 100 sit ups for 1 year, 200 push ups, 200 pull ups, 200 sit ups within those 2 years and so on and so forth, no matter how much I strengthen and exercise my body, I can never achieve such a cool strong bulky body, my body remains delicate and scrawny although I'm robust."] look on his wrist, as he clenches his right arm. "The rest of my time goes to meditating heaven and earth, while absorbing the spiritu
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Chapter 4: Journey to the East
After the banquet was held, Yang Monji draw near to Xiang Monji he tap his shoulders, "My eldest brother, congratulations, you're already a full fledged adult now." Yang Monji smirks with an air of arrogance, while congratulating him, congratulate in a sarcastic manner, as if he was acting in a facade. A 7 year old kid whose mind is purely dark, almost the same height with his eldest brother, as a martial artist he was taught by his strict personal teacher, that mortals are just an insect to be trifle,they are frivolous in the eyes of a martial artist, who pursue immortality. To compare, Xiang had a height of 5'5 while Yang is 5'4 there height comparison was miniscule, Xiang is still a 13 year old like prepubescent boy with a slim feminine stature, to be exact he looks like a shota, he believes that he still have chance to grow and have a cool bulky buff stature,like those martial artist that he saw when he was a kid. Yang at age 7 had already had a firm muscle and strong body whi
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Chapter 5: Mating Season
On their journey out of the Capital of Ehri, and exit in the province of Yama, they arrived at Dim forest at night, Urus (soldier D) and Geris (A ) gather woods to set a Campfire, while Shindi (soldier B) and Maoyi (C) set the tent. Maoyi arranges a schedule for guarding duty, since he is the captain of the single unit squad. From 7 pm to 12 am Shindi and Geris are in-charge of guarding and on the nightwatch, while 12 am to 6 am will be in charge of Maoyi and Urus, a time interval of 6 hours. It is already 6 am. All eyes were awake, tents were folded, portable dried food was taken out, and they had their breakfast before they resumed their journey. So far the journey was smooth, but they can't afford to lower their guard, although their trip was smooth and harmonious, they aren't only wary of the beast, but also against those forest bandits, lurking at the side of the path. There already at the middle of the forest, and suddenly a woman leap over the horses while it is running,
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Chapter 6: Breakthrough
A word abruptly came out inside his mind. |"Task Complete"| |"Initiating and recovering the past memory"| A few moments later she woke up, her hair was disheveled, clothes were around left and right, and her body was cleansed as if she was taking a shower. Her pussy was dripping blood, it indicates that her hymen was pierced by a feminine looking young boy after they had an amorous intercourse, it's her very first time being embraced by a guy, add to that a deceptively young boy that looks like a girl on the surface. She looks for her sword, grabs it and points it to Xiang Monji at the spot where his heart is located. As much as she wants to kill him for the disgrace he has done on defiling her body, she can't do it, killing her benefactor would only make her guilty. She drops the sword, wipes the blood and wears her clothes. Take a deep breath, she started to calm, "Whoa....!" She meditated to check if there were still traces of poison in her body, there was none, but to her
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Chapter 7: Status
He leaped and went directly to the west direction where the tree the coach man was hiding, he tried to reach his hand to grab the coachman as a hostage, suddenly someone gank him and a pitchblack in the background with a thin diagonal red line happened. He was in a daze when his head rolled in the ground. Everyone was surprised to an abrupt happening, "Impossible, according to my employer you are supposed to be at the 9th level stage of Martial Practitioner." "Tell me who ordered you to assassinate me?" Uptight. His expression was grim, "Tsk" He clenches his teeth, his eyeballs turn white, and a white foam comes out of his mouth. Maoyi check the corpse, "He took the poison embedded on his gums" And then he checked their belongings, there was a crest stated, Night Howl guild. The lady pondered, "They are a notorious organization, who offer extermination services as long as they are adequately being paid." Shindi reply, "Whoever it is he/she must be belong to a prominent fa
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Chapter 8: Bad Bald Bull
In the Southwest location of Dim Forest, 2 hours have pass, so far they still haven't found the girl, they check every nook and cranny of the southwest, from trees to large rocks, and even in the bodies of water, assuming the time have pass, she would be probably died from intoxication. Her corpse would be eaten if she's dead, yet there's no trace of blood found. "Tsk, we're being deceived" "It would be wise to interrogate and turtore them, force them to spit out the truth" "It's pointless, by now they are dead, we let our colleagues do the cleaning" "Let's go back and unite with others, change plan" 30 minutes later, Xiang is out of the array, while whistling without a care in the world. The two saw a little girl walking, heading to the same direction whistling, clothes were disheveled,while looking above the starry sky. They mistook her as a sweet innocent little girl, not knowing that he is a twisted bastard not to be trifled with. "Captain, we should ask that innocent lo
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Chapter 9: Swearing
"Uwah!Bad bald bull,very bad, if only I had a red carpet, it would be more entertaining" "Oh well! The die has been rolled" "I better check the things he has, maybe not." He didn't go back to the illusion array to loot on his stuff. The Distance he flew was so far, Xiang Monji was too lazy to go back,to be more precise his stamina is already minuscule,he decided not to take a risk. and forget about looting his stuff, so he decided to return to his vassals. But before that Xiang takes the stuff of the assassin he amputated, still he isn't dead yet, he's unconscious, with a broken spiritual pool. When he checked his stuff, what he saw were a cultivation book that was shattered, a crumbled tag, pills that were crushed and a cheap dagger that has a visible crack at the tip of the edge. "I can't read what's on the tag, the cultivation book and dagger are useless, the pills are crushed into powder, I have gone too far." "Oh! well if I met another meanie onii....chan..!, I'll ask him
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