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1. What's the original identity of MC?

A poor student.

A lowly son-in-law.

A commonly broke employee.

2. What happened to him?

He was harshly bullied by some rich students. They almost beat him to death.

His wife's family forced him to divorce because of his poverty.

He got fired because his wife cheated with his boss, and the boss wanted to humiliate him.

3. How could the twist of story unfold?

Just when he was dying, he found a ring/amulet his parents left him gave him mysterious power.

He received a big amount of money in his bank account, his real identity was an heir of a top family.

MC was actually a miraculous doctor who had ever saved many influential people.

He had a hidden identity: a god of war/the best doctor in the world/a business tycoon who helped his wife's career secretly...

Now, a new life has been placed before our MC...

Only applied to authors who has not signed with MegaNovel before.
Only applied to authors who already has signed book on MegaNovel.
Winning novels will be eligible to be made into audio books and put on GoodFM. The author will receive 50% of the profit share from the audio book.
Winning novels may have the chance to be made into paperback books.
Winning novels will be displayed under a specialized banner for promotion purpose.

Secretly The Billionaire Boss

By: Debbie chocolate

The Charismatic Charlie Wade

By: Lord Leaf

The Consortium's Heir

By: Benjamin_Jnr

An Understated Dominance

By: Marina Vittori

  • There's no specific topic limits as long as it's a Urban story that happened in a Modern World and fits the theme.
  • The novel must exceed 80k words by the end of the contest (September 22, 2024) or it will be disqualified.
  • You can upload more than one books to participate. All your books can win the awards above at the same time if applicable.
  • Only NEWLY signed ORGINAL English books can participate.
  • Both Exclusive and Non-exclusive books can join the contest.

1. Click the button to create your story
2. Check the "Rise To The Peak" box
3. Click the "Apply for A Contract" button to submit your story

1.What are the evaluation criteria?
- The final result will be determined by commercial value of the work, the frequency of author updates, evaluation of readers, evaluation of editors and other comprehensive data.
2.Can I upload several books to attend the contest?
-Yes, and you can win all prizes at the same time with a same or different book as long as it meets the criteria.
3.If I didn't finish my book during the contest period, will I still be eligible?
-Yes, but by the end of the contest, your book should have at least 80k words. Otherwise, you will be disqualified.
4. Can I attend the contest with an already signed book?
-No, only new books can participate in this contest.
5.Can I attend the contest with a non-exclusive book?
6.Will I get the bonuses of my contract and the rewards of this contest?
- Yes, you will get the common bonuses (details are stated in your contract) and the extra contest rewards.