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I Can't Touch Girls, Otherwise They Go in Heat
Comedy Light Novel Eastern
"Making girls fall for me like this... who the hell would want that?!" - Tenko Sawaru Inspired by the Parallel Paradise manga series by Lynn Okamoto.
The Cheap & Dupe CEO
Comedy CEO Romance
After Adam the CEO suffers a major accident, he finds a dupe who looks just like him and makes him take his place temporarily. Adam was a playboy, and so all the girls he used to date would now come flocking to the dupe after hearing about the accident, but what they slowly see is a completely different guy who acts as cheap as they come, except in bed, only where he’s willing to use protection. However, the women aren’t so simple, and the only place and time they want him to be cheap is in bed! Behold the hauntingly hilarious tale of the cheap and dupe CEO to know what becomes of him!
Mafia Boss In The Multiverse
Alternate Universe Manipulative Badboy
In the state of Nebraska, the city of Strawberry has one of the oldest Irish families in the nation. The Flanagan family dominates all the dark businesses in the city. However, on the surface, they are a respectable family which has a large amount of business. The current head of the family, Brian Flanagan is ready to retire, so he plans to leave the family business to his son Killian Flanagan who has ambitions to spread his family name across the country. But before he must consolidate his strength in the state, for this he will have to marry the daughter of the current governor in order to have a solid base to help with his future plans. The only problem is that the governor’s daughter hates him because she thinks that he is to blame for the death of one of his close friends, so he will have to find a way to fulfill his goals before his father gave him the power. However, on a rescue mission, things go wrong, so he suffers an accident, but it is because of that he gains the power to travel between parallel universes, so he decides to use his new abilities to get the power he so desires.
Transmigration AND System
Revenge Fantasy Possessive
What would you do if your soul transmigrated to another with a system? And you have a hot neighbour and also her daughter and they want to become your lover. Will you ignore them or will make love with them. Read as Jhon makes love with his hot neighbour and her daughter along the way becoming the strongest man.
Crash-landed On An Island With Nine Beauties
Fantasy Billionaire Innocent
🏆 ["Golden Medal" in Harem Category of "Meganovel Annual Writing Contest 2022"] 🏆 Damien was a loser, dejected, hated, spat on, ridiculed and slammed. But his story took a new turn when the jet supposed to take the nine amazing ladies to a VVIP location, was hit. Unlocking a powerful survival system. They crashed on a uninhibited island... What will happen when a loser turn into the host of a powerful system? When the life of these nine beauties who'd once trampled upon his ego depend on him?? Discord: Book 2: Crashlanded; Pleasing the Nether Mistress
Arc Chronicles
Light Novel Soldier Rich
*Genre: War/Action* Reincarnation. It sounded like a fantasy, something he'd watch in anime or read in books. After his death at the hand of his cellmate, he discovered how real it could be. Reborn as the third prince of an expansionist empire, it will become his duty to fight for his country
Am I Lewd Enough??
Wise Second Chance Innocent
Arthur finds himself being reincarnated into an erotic, fantasy game called [Oriana] and not to mention, he had reincarnated into a thick femboy called Willow?! How is he going to navigate through the gore, the lores and more importantly, evade the erotic content of the game where 90% of the characters want to fuck him to death? Guess he'll have to big brain this shit.
The ProtectoR
Campus Soldier Protective
The story commences with the M.C, Nathan, a trained martial artist--who was taught in the mountains --being hired by the man who saved him 18 years ago. The man is Mr.Swack. A successful businessman and father. Realizing his life and that of his daughter might be endangered due to how successful he is, he hires Nathan to protect and guard his daughter, who is a fiesty girl and a free-bird who doesn't like to be controlled. Her Name is Rose. But as corresponds with her character, she doesn't like the idea of a bodyguard and disapproves of Nathan. She wants her life to be completely independent and free of privacy-intrusions. The day Nathan comes to Mr.Swacks house, she confronts her dad about it but her dad ends up enrolling Nathan in the same college as her, so he could secretly guard her. Nathan begins college with one goal in mind, to guard Rose, the daughter of Mr.Swack. Even though it irks him, because she gets more resentful of him and a pain in the ass as the days go by, but things start to change in an interesting way for Nathan. As a surprising, and shocking event puts him in the limelight and center of attention, where Rose is unavoidably drawn in, to witness the cruelty of attraction, of Love, a shield they both wield in their quest for safety from bad forces.
Reincarnated as a Vampire Sorcerer with a System
Light Novel Weirdo Funny
I was born and lived inside a virtual game world, till I was tricked by the Great Administrator and got kicked out to the Real World for my bad mouth! I am Athanasios, a citizen of the virtual game world of Elysium. The world I'm living in, is a paradise or that's what everyone says. It's boring and all day I'm forced to play games like Tetris to mine virtual coins. That's the only way to buy new avatars or expand my dungeon tower, the only two things that actually matter to me. However, everything changed when I received a strange message saying I can try a new game experience. But there was a catch! Instead, I was tricked and transferred to the real world. Things aren't that much different from the virtual world: Goblins plague the villages, dragons tear down cities and adventurers try to loot dungeons. In fact, this world is better than expected! So realistic and not to mention that for the first time in my gaming life, I managed to multiclass from level-1. You see, I drank the blood of a Vampire Lord by mistake and became a vampire mage once I got here. The problem is that I wasn't meant to drink his blood and now he and his minions hunt me. At least, most of them identify as hot, so no reason to complain on that either. What troubles me however, is that there's no exit button from the Real World and the only way to get back to my world is by finishing the missions I was tasked. Warning: This novel contains harem elements, strong language and graphic violence.
The Untameable Leon
Revenge Billionaire Drama
Never in Leon's wildest dream did he think that his beloved wife, Crizelda, would cheat on him and walk away with another man right after she handed him the divorce papers after everything that he did and sacrificed just to make her happy and give all the material things that she wanted. Anger and revenge were left in his heart because of what his ex-wife did, especially that before she walked away from him with the other man, she slapped him first with the truth of how much worthless he is as a person and she also said that no woman would ever like him again because he was not rich and powerful. And because of that, when a big opportunity suddenly comes to Leon, he immediately grabs it, and just in an instant, he becomes the most richest and powerful man in the world that made all the women, including women who are already in a relationship and already married, droll and mesmerized by him. He became so ruthless and untameable and just did girlfriends and hookups anywhere he went and whenever he wanted. He has no intention of changing and returning to the way he used to be anymore, not until he meets an extraordinary girl that he didn't expect that will shake his new world.