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The Spell Is In English!Soul Land IV (Douluo Dalu) : Ultimate FightingClosed Beta That Only I PlayedWhy reincarnate as a useless skeleton?The First King of BeastsVirtual Sword God!Unrivaled Demon's OdysseySupreme Master In The ApocalypseImmortality System: The Last Human's TransmigrationInvincible TeacherSupreme Lord ShapeshifterRise of The Demon GeneralThe Last WarlockFirst Demonic DragonEldritch Creature's GuideMy Skill Creation SystemThe Last PrimalEpic Of The Demonic SageStone Mage: Revenge of the Villain SystemTales of The Mighty DragonairAncient Tears BloodLineI Want To Have A YandereCultivation Through ArtifactsRise of the Legendary EmperorSovereign of the FirmamentsStar ImmortalGuardian Of The EndMy Godly AscensionMilitary System god realm revolutionA Highest Rank in Another World!Reincarnated As A Chameleon And Eating Everything to EvolveEnter Me! The Skillionaire Says In ParenthesesRecords of RebirthI Make Advanced Technology Weapons, Shocking EveryonePracticing Basic Sorcery for Billions of Times Made Me InvincibleCross Dressing In A Fantasy World Full Of MagicGodless WorldVampire Lord's Demonic WivesSaga of The Night GodGodlike Player in a Game-Like WorldHarem Overlord: I ALWAYS Finish Quick!God of Time System: Harem in the Zombie ApocalypseAn Owl's RiseA Bored LichI created Magic!Becoming Dungeon FodderParagon of DeathI Know the Secret to Surpass Level 100Magical Academy: Rise of the Supreme Magic CraftsmanSpirit TamingHarem God: Leveling Up Yanderes in the ApocalypseValerian, The LegendaryLevel UP HeroDemonic Devourer's DevelopmentBattle Harem of the Heavenly SwordThe Ultimate Support CharacterModern Weapon Summoning SystemThe Legendary Ghost HunterMe! The Strongest Alchemist!Reincarnated as both God and The DevilParasyte SystemMy life as a reborn monsterSystem NemesisShinobi From HellThe Tribrid SystemThe Infinite MysteryProfessor KalYou Will Only Be MineWhy Did You Summon Me?Thanatos SystemThe Mysterious Black MagicianRegressed Reincarnation: How to Escape a Fantasy World!!Isekai Absolute Copy and Online ShoppingLoki’s Successor SystemThe Laughing SwordsmanChameleon: My True FaceMy Cultivation SystemMad Hound of EsselgardeThe Greatest SinnerTHE MESSENGER OF DEATHAs A Cardinal, I Don't Do OvertimeThe System Of InfinityBecoming MonsterI have Nine LivesAwakened: The Spirit King!Destiny HaremDivine Beast Lord: 10000 Amplifier From The StartSecret Society: Raising Calamity Class DisciplesHeavenly SagaThe rejected Alpha's mateCrimson ApocalypseThe World of DeitiesLord of the Magical BeastsShadow AuthorTransmigrated With A Resolution SystemDark HonorMy Multiverse TripMy Plunderer SystemVersatile System OnlineDysfunctional - An Assassin's Guide to Reincarnating in Another WorldMY DEMON SYSTEM: IMMORTAL WARSThe Supreme Level Up SystemI Am The Anti-MageThe Only Aura User In Magic WorldSnake Evolution System [ Legend Of Hebi]The way of the villainI Bit ZombiesPractice Magic for All: I Can Summon Creatures InfinitelyReturn of the WoodcutterTHE AWAKENING: BIO-GENETICSVampire System- The Last Mystic SwordsmanEternal love of the red dragonReincarnated Golden EmperorThe Vampire Cat SystemRise of the Malactric HeirVillain of my own novelREINCARTED ANOTHER WORLD CARD USERI Reincarnated as a ShinaiFarm Owner: Having a Space Dragon from the StartTired of DeathHow I Became the Strongest SovereignThe Copy MageRise My Elementals!Draconic Vampire : Curse of the BloodRise of the Nightmare CrestmasterLord of AnnihilationI Screwed the Novel's PlotDawn of TwilightZero SoulHistorical SystemI Have A Cheat System In The ApocalypseMaster Of MythsThe Place Where Everything BeginsThe Chronicles of the Immortal GodDeranged Writer's AfterwordMy Gene SystemThe Bookstore MageLord of the Karmic FateClassless ReincarnationDeus: We are all LordsHeaded by a SnakeDo not Read This.THE SAINT'S LINEAGEPhysics The Greatest MagicPrimordial Darkness Heretic ArtMy Wife Is A Grim ReaperMonarch of Solitude: Daily Quest SystemMy Guardian System: The TraderRebirth: The New Game of LifeSupreme Human SystemIn the mind of an NPCSorcerer...Cyborg???The Mind GodEvolution of Slime to PeakIsekai : Cheat Internet connectionDragon's Throne : Rise of DragonsThe Master NecromancerNero, My Existence is PerfectEvolution Plug-in: I can evolve effortlessly!Reverse reincarnationRebirth of a NobodyThe Goddess' ChampionMy Pirate SystemThe Game Rune SystemI Indeed don't Know How to CultivateMy Information SystemMilitary Summoning System In The Medieval Apocalyptic WorldEmpire of SoulsUnlimited Power - The Arcane Path (COMPLETED)Vampire King's HaremEntering Apocalypse in Easy-ModeReincarnated with an Analysis system.Cultivator in a World of Angels, Demons, and Super HeroesThe Infinite DomainAdventures Of A GoblinI got reincarnated with a skill bookProgenitor of DragonsBorn a MonsterUnfortunate Hero's Retirement LifeNew World - A New BeginningFirst Light Of A New AgeReincarnated As The Hero Ring33 Risen#reGaming Sword MagicianI Build Warships in the GameMy Students Are Vampires!The Reincarnation of the KingmakerRise of Myriad Magic EmperorGarden of the AbyssSpectre of CorvusRuler Of RealityThe God Of Primordial ChaosBlood Type: DragonISEKAI: Leveling ServiceBloodlines of the Ancient PantheonsGenius Seventh PrinceLevel 0 MasterSorcerer in the Women's WorldReborn As An Evolving MonsterRise Of Evil SantaLet's Imagine a Female Knight from Another WorldHeaven DestroyerEndless Journey: Infinite RealmsThe King of Tricks and MagicReincarnated As The Diabolic SystemStarsign LordInfinite Evolution in The ApocalypseTrickster: The Apostle of LokiAdvance Login: Era of MagicThe Atrocious Werewolf PrinceThe Greatest Beast Tamer of EarthMage And WolfOrigin Lust Sword SystemInfinity: Rising of the Soul WeaversBloodmancer: Hero of RuinFarming Inside The Dungeon (The legend of farm-style dungeon)Demon King Ascension SystemPeerless God of CultivationAlone: Tale of a monster hunterThe Legendary F RankLuck is a CharmAscension: Strongest Fateless MageTHE STRONGEST ESPERSovereign Of The Overpowered RingLevel Up FamilyMY BEAST EMPEROR SYSTEMHow-not to be an Olympian God!Edea: Hero Summoning ConspiracyArrogant Young Master's Chat GroupThe Ghost SystemThe Evolution ChroniclesThe Slime FarmerImmortal Blood MonarchGalaxy's First RulerDawn- An age of DarknessTamer of Cosmic BeastsChat Group For MagiciansAncient God in the Modern WorldMy Solo SystemDominating Evolution of the CosmosRecords of the Weakest EmperorLord Zhang FeiStacking My AbilitiesLife Drain SystemA Demon's AscentMy Kitty SystemHero CultivationTHE SWORD OF WINTERGod's Tower SystemThe dragon's haremThe Sorcerer EpochRaised in DungeonThe Cheat SeedReincarnation Tribulation - All I Want Is A Peaceful Isekai LifeThe Dungeon of 99.999 LevelsThe Legendary Tale of the sadistic Pirate HestiaAfter Transmigrating as a Demon, I've Been Adopted by Angels!My Faᵵe SystemThe Rise Of A Tribal DeadbeatI Can Know the Rate of Return on InvestmentSuper Pet NurseryOnly I Am Level 1TOP SECRET - Adventures in the Dark ContinentReincarnation of a living godThe Outliers - Evolution to the World's StrongestSystem: InheritedOnline Games: I Became Savior Through Live StreamingBecoming The Strongest God From A TrashMy (Monster?) Hero LifeBeautiful Maids Of The Vampire LordAge of Heroes ( Age of Heroes Chronicles)Supreme Origin: Time KingOne More Time: RebirthNew Life; Fun LifeJourney Of A LegendRestarting Life In Another WorldThe Birth of a Demon LordA Cultivation Tale: The Godly PunisherMaster of Voracious BeastsS-RANK IN ANOTHER WORLDI reincarnated in my favorite novel as DarknessThe Law God - ArticDivine Seal of ChaosForsaken ChroniclesThe Gene GamerSHADOW INSANITYDeath, Devotion, DissonanceSolo Player ArvinImmortal EvolutionThe embodiment of a new worldLight And Shadow (CHIAROSCURO)The Adapter's SystemMy System & My Academy of SuperpowersPeerless Mind.I will never be yoursWhen His Eyes OpenedAccidental Surrogate for AlphaThe Dark Side Of FateThe Alpha's Destined BrideLet Me Go, Mr. Hill!Secret LoveThe Ex-Husband's RevengeWarning: My Mommy is A Savage!Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn't EasyMy Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking BallThe Mafia's Not So Fluffy RomanceTHE ALPHA KING'S HUMAN MATENo. 1 Supreme WarriorPregnant After One Night With The LycanThe Pinnacle of LifeThe greatest son: Zane strikes backThe 5-time Rejected Gamma & the Lycan KingMarried by Mistake: Mr. Whitman's Sinner WifeThe Secretly Rich ManAlpha's Hybrid CinderellaThe Almighty Dragon GeneralThe Runaway GroomMy Wife is a HackerTwins in Her Womb: Sir President, Please be GentleMommy, Where Is Daddy? The Forsaken Daughter's ReturnBestfriends Shouldn't Know How You TasteThe Guardian's SwordGirlfriend For HireThe Charismatic Charlie WadeMy Triplet Alpha Stepbrother MatesThe First HeirResent, Reject, RegretOops! I Married A CEO By MistakeAddicted To My Accidental HusbandAlpha's Claimed MateFated To The Alpha SeriesSkeletons Of The Marital ClosetCEO Husband's Crazy Love For His Little WifeAlpha's Regret-My Luna Has A SonAlpha AsherAlpha's Blind LunaThe Alpha King's Hated SlaveMarried at First SightHarvey York's Rise to PowerThe Cursed Alpha's MateI'm A QuadrillionaireMated to the Alpha TwinsThe Ultimate HusbandMy Mate Has A Second LunaMaster Odell's Secret Ex-wifeLuna's ReplacementAccidental Bridefirst class son in lawthe consortium's heiran understated dominancethe poor orphan who became a billionairemy hockey alphamy professor is my alpha matethe jewel of your loveobsessive ceo's sinful wifebillionaire ceo's obsessionforever in the past and forever in the futuretriplet alphas gifted lunaa gift from the goddessthe untouchable ex-wifethe return of the war legateadored stardom: away from mr. hamiltonbogus billionaireonce rejected, now desiredsweet subterfugethe rewritten love: a second beginningbecoming a trillionaire after divorceaurora starlingeven after deathbeyond the divorcethe cursed alpha and his forced lunafaking it with damien blackgoddess design his fated matethe invincible legendforbidden desires alpha s lovespoiled by my three tycoon brothersvampire