The Rising Towards Supremacy Writing Contest has come to a successful ending! We are truly honored by all of your enthusiastic participation. Your dedication, passion, and commitment to the craft of writing are truly inspiring. Without your unique perspectives and imaginative tales, this contest would not be possible. Countless outstanding books are received during the contest, and here below are the best of the best!

Ethan Nightangle Rises
To Power

Dragon Sly

Ethan Nightangle lived an unremarkable life, except for his happy one-year marriage to successful businesswoman, Lily Johnson. But one fateful night, his world turned upside down when he returned home with a gift for his wife, only to discover her in bed ... ...

Rags To Riches: The Riveting
Tale Of Jason Smith


Synopsis: Jason was always humiliated and harassed. His lack of financial resources even led to his mother's narrow escape with death, but his life changed when the truth about his heritage was revealed. Read the Riveting Tale of the despicable Jason Smith.

The Billionaire Pauper


Maltreated by his wife's family, Reuben takes over his family property as the CEO to the surprise of everyone Everything in his favour ITS HIS TIME!!!


Sweet savage

Leo needed urgent Money for his Orphanage mother's surgery, but all he got from his shameless mother-in-law was file to divorce his wife whom she wanted to sell off to a millionaire. The despised and belittled Son-in-law ... ...

Nominated For: The True Heir

From Trash Bag to Cash Bag


Achiel was considered a trash bag. He was worthless, looked down upon, and derided. Adding fuel to the fire, his wife cheated on him, then framed him for being the cheat. ... ...

Nominated For: Rise From Ashes

My Sudden Rich System


Despite being dedicated to his job for several years, Asher Parker, a master mechanic, continues to be looked down upon and mistreated. Asher is only paid below the minimum wage standard... ...

Nominated For: Sudden Wealth System

All rewards will be added to your December income and be paid to you in January. To all the authors who have submitted their work, again, we extend our sincerest appreciation. We are grateful for your trust in us.
We welcome all authors to join us in the near future. Feel free to check out our other on-going writing contest. See you again soon!