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Entry Rules
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Choose what the first 3-5
chapters are about?

  • The MC, who was despised by everyone around him just because he was poor, was a –

    A. college student
    B. delivery guy
    C. laborial staff
    D. son-in-law of the richest family
  • Then, something worse happens, which is –

    A. His girlfriend/wife cheated on him
    B. His parent/kid/someone meant a lot to him was sick, and he had no money for medicine
    C. He was beaten/trapped/despised by the villain
    D. All of the Above
  • Just when he thought his life would take a turn for the worst, he –

    A. was told that he was the heir of a rich man
    B. was a hidden billionaire/powerful man and solved the problem with his power
    C. was rescued by a beautiful lady/elegant man and recognized as "Young Master"
    D. obtained a powerful system with countless money in his bank account

From now on, his life has changed forever!


Nominated Awards

Novels contain these elements below will be considered for Nominated Awards:

True Heir
From Ashes
Other Bonuses
  • a

    Winning novels will be eligible to be made into audio books and put on GoodFM. The author will receive 50% of the profit share from the audio book.

  • b

    Winning novels may have the chance to be made into paperback books.

  • c

    Winning novels will be displayed under a specialized banner for promotion purpose.

Writing Guidance


Entry Rules

  • There’s no specific topic limits as long as it’s an Urban story and fits with the theme.

  • The novel must exceed 80k words by the end of the contest (September 24, 2023) or it will be disqualified.

  • You can upload more than one books to participate. All your books can win different awards at the same time if applicable.

  • Only NEWLY signed ORGINAL English books can participate.

  • Both Exclusive and Non-exclusive books can join the contest.

How to Participate

1.Click the button to create your story
2.Check the "Rising Towards Supremacy" box
3.Click the "Apply for A Contract" button to submit your story

  • 1

    What are the evaluation criteria?

    -The final result will be determined by commercial value of the work, the frequency of author updates, evaluation of readers, evaluation of editors and other comprehensive data.
  • 2

    Can I upload several books to attend the contest?

    -Yes, and you can win all prizes at the same time with a same or different book as long as it meets the criteria.
  • 3

    If I didn’t finish my book during the contest period, will I still be eligible?

    -Yes, but by the end of the contest, your book should have at least 80k words. Otherwise, you will be disqualified.
  • 4

    Can I attend the contest with an already signed book?

    -No, only new books can participate in this contest.
  • 5

    Can I attend the contest with a non-exclusive book?

  • 6

    Will I get the bonuses of my contract and the rewards of this contest?

    -Yes, you will get the common bonuses (details are stated in your contract) and the extra contest rewards.