The ProtectoR

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The ProtectoR

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The story commences with the M.C, Nathan, a trained martial artist--who was taught in the mountains --being hired by the man who saved him 18 years ago. The man is Mr.Swack. A successful businessman and father. Realizing his life and that of his daughter might be endangered due to how successful he is, he hires Nathan to protect and guard his daughter, who is a fiesty girl and a free-bird who doesn't like to be controlled. Her Name is Rose. But as corresponds with her character, she doesn't like the idea of a bodyguard and disapproves of Nathan. She wants her life to be completely independent and free of privacy-intrusions. The day Nathan comes to Mr.Swacks house, she confronts her dad about it but her dad ends up enrolling Nathan in the same college as her, so he could secretly guard her. Nathan begins college with one goal in mind, to guard Rose, the daughter of Mr.Swack. Even though it irks him, because she gets more resentful of him and a pain in the ass as the days go by, but things start to change in an interesting way for Nathan. As a surprising, and shocking event puts him in the limelight and center of attention, where Rose is unavoidably drawn in, to witness the cruelty of attraction, of Love, a shield they both wield in their quest for safety from bad forces.

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144 chapters
The Visit
Chapter One******Nathan wasn't sure he was given the accurate location as he entered the walkway dressed in an oxford-pinstripe shirt and blue jeans.He reached the tall metal gate where two guards dressed in black suits watched him in the glass-office checkpoint. One of them, a brown haired, stoutly built man came out from the office with a metal detector pointed towards Nathan. "Stop there!!" He bellowed. Nathan stopped, wondering why he had to be so loud. "I'm here to see the owner of this place" He brought out the piece of paper with an address on it, in his pocket and held it out for him. But the man ignored it, instead he screened the paper with the Garrett device, scrutiny on his face. "What's your name?" Nathan could easily outmaneuver him, and his colleague--who was chewing gum absentmindedly in the office, and staring out through the glass window-- if he wished. What did they think? That he could be an armed robber? a potential threat? Maybe he was. "Nathan. My name
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The savior's home.
The man had pointed his gun up and pulled the trigger, sending both warning signals and alerting god-knew-who, then he brought it back to Nathan. "You have two minutes before all the security inside is on you. Leave n--"Nathan elbowed his hand, without letting him finish. He was fed up with the annoying guards. At the same time he deflected a blow from him and channeled a punch in his face, sending him staggering backwards. The other tall black man dashed towards him, gritting his teeth and cursing. Maybe he'd would handle him the same way he handled Arthur, but a jab to his ribcage made him think twice. The man came for him again, blow upon blow that Nathan deflected with swift darts of his hands, counter punches and blocks. Then Nathan made a double-hop on a large sill closest to him and spun, kicking the man head first into the large stone pillar and then the floor. Then there were loud noises from inside, hurried footsteps, a lot of them. Nathan sighed. He didn't sign up
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***********Chapter ThreeNathan gave his books a once-over, before zipping his black back-pack. Devin, his pale-faced and skinny roomie had already left for school, leaving him work to do. Remembering him made Nathan think he had two people to protect, instead of one. But here he was, still fidgeting with what to take, and if he was dressed alright. Not that he wasn't confident or hadn't had friends or anything, but one couldn't help feeling first-jitters when in social settings like this, where so much people would be gathered at the same place.He'd always been educated privately, no school setting like this. Master had employed private tutors to teach him, and now it seemed more like he was going to teach himself. Because he had just one duty, and it wasn't to learn, it was to guard the daughter of Mr. Swack. He looked at himself in the mirror, his pale blue eyes, the small silver ring on his nose. His immaculate white hair was parted to fall on both sides of his face in cur
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A paper from a Red-head.
"I doubt your Dad would smile to that." He said. "Well, this is College and my dad ain't here." She pursed her lips. "Just avoid me, that's all. If you must guard me, then do it from a mile away . And don't ever let anyone find out the real reason you're here."Wow. He felt more like a servant, than he was a bodyguard. A rejected servant. "Yes Rose" He said coldly. She eyed him. "It's Rosetta ""Pls, enlighten me on the difference?" He gestured with an open palm. She shook her head and walked away. She wasn't the least bit boring, but she was going to be a pain in his ass alright. He went through the books on the shelf, examining the thick covers in search of one to distract himself with. If she was still in the library, he had no place else to go. .............Back at the auditorium, Nathan climbed the steep stairs, his eyes roving for an empty chair. The hall was almost filled, and the History lecturer was in class. He'd waited for Rose to get back to class, before followin
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The Cafeteria
Shit. "Is it... that obvious?" He asked, feeling sheepish and maybe somewhat stupid. Drew bent over with laughter. He was going to draw stares at this rate. "Are you kidding me? Clear as daylight man. I mean, you asked for her earlier today, now you're standing close to a locker, stalking and drooling---""I am not drooling and I am not....Oh God. " Nathan said, frowning. "What do you know? I think you should leave alright" "Yeah, fine. Just approach her Nath, she's pretty and all, I know. But don't be shy" "Screw you, Drew"Drew chuckled and patted him before leaving. Nathan had had a couple unfortunate, terrifying, and heart skipping moments in his life. But he would never have believed, looking back to where Rose was---she'd turned to him, a big glower on her face, and her friends staring as well--- his heart would skip. Shit. She approached him then, carrying a large brown backpack."What part of the phrase 'Stay away' are you alien to, Nathan?""It clearly looks like
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A call from Mr.Swack
"That was weird." Dark-blonde said. "I think she might have gotten uncomfortable with you " Nathan said absentmindedly, and going back to his unfinished burger. She raised a brow. " I dare to think....look"Nathan raised his head. The girl had dropped her tray and walked towards a tall guy---waiting impatiently at the door with his back turned to them---with red hair just like hers. "Oh. Guess that's her brother" He said. "I know " She replied. He looked at her. "How do you know?" "It's a long story. One I'll tell at the right time" She said. There was a brief silence. "I don't know your name though?" He said. "Letha... Letha Bates" She said. "You? Oh don't tell me, I already know. You're Nathan" She smirked, revealing sparkling white teeth. Nathan took her in then. If the red-haired lady had a pleasing body, then Letha had bedazzling shape, curves, a body to die for. Like Rose. Like Rose? What was his business with the spoilt prat. He shook himself out of his thoughts and
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............The next day at school was full of bubbling excitement for the upcoming games later in the day. There were loud chatters mostly among the freshman as Nathan watched it all, feeling the contagious energy himself. But Rose wasn't joining in on the frenzy, she seemed moody, dressed in a black crop-top, with jeans, her hair tied into a ponytail. Letha came into the hallway, her hair flowing loosely at her sides and she wore a blue checkered blouse, a black skirt, and a blue back-pack across her shoulders. Rose said something to the group, then left and walked towards Letha. She took Letha's hand and pulled her away from the crowd, taking the aisle that led to the convenience. Nathan didn't catch the confusion on Letha's face, but something else caught his gaze. Three guys who had been lurking around the corner, stealthily followed them, unnoticed by everyone else as they went after the two girls. But Nathan wasn't to be fooled. He hurried after them at once. He rush
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The Sports
"For?...oh, of course not " Her leaving the way she did wasn't part of his concerns really. Though he had questions. His thoughts and concerns were more in the form of: 'who the hell was Cayden? and was he part of the people Mr. Swack instructed him to protect her from?'"You had your reasons" He continued. "I know. But I needed to apologize for the way I left, I should have given you a heads up "He chuckled. "I think you did, you informed me before hand remember?"She gave a weak smile. "I guess.... So what you up to?...are you free later?" Before Nathan could respond, a big brown ball landed on his head and bounced off and the girl giggled. "Oops, my bad" Drew bounded towards them, a tall guy with chestnut skin and curly black hair, on yellow Lakers was with him, and he got back the ball, bouncing it in his hands. gods. Drew. "Oopsie--doosie," Drew said. He wore a checkered red shirt with the sleeves rolled up, on a white vest and black jeans. "And who's this hot auburn babe
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Chaos in pitch
"Hi" Letha said nervously, pulling at her skirt. "Whoever gives ladies stuff like this to wear?" She grumbled. "I think it's decent enough" Nathan chuckled. "It's tight. Too tight " "Remind me again, what a lady who affirmed she's not the ”Club-type“ is doing here?""This is all Rose's fault. Screw her." She grunted. "I can't believe I let her coax me into doing this. They'd selected her, and she had to play the friendship card...?"Nathan laughed and glanced over to where Rose sat. She was staring at them, then she looked away, engaging the curly haired girl in conversation. Nathan smiled. "Don't think too much about it, I think you'll do well" "At least tell me you won't watch me disgrace myself?" "I might be around for that part." He laughed. Letha gave him a wide-eyed stare, and he waved her off. "Just kidding"He went back to sit as the whistle was blown and the games commenced. The crowd cheered and roared as Nicolas received the ball from Drew and passed it to one of hi
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A table-together
The next day at school, Cayden and his guys sat on one of the rows of chairs in the class auditorium, oblivious to the lesson currently ongoing. One of them, Alex, the black haired guy, was rambling on to Cayden incessantly while Cayden’s eyes never left Nathan. When Alex saw he wasn't listening to him, he followed his gaze. “Dude are you just going to let him walk away?”He asked, realizing the conversation Cayden would be interested in.“No. I’m not, I’m simply bidding my time.” Cayden looked irritated. The boy scoffed. “We've never had to hesitate this long to deal with somebody, and the offences then were even trivial…compared to what he has done.”“Maybe Cayden has lost his balls” The other guy with brown hair, Pedro, laughed. He sat on the other side, of Cayden .Cayden banged his desk so hard that he startled the other students around them. Nathan turned as well and shook his head. Those trio couldn’t just do with drawing attention to themselves. The lecturer had taken not
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