The Untameable Leon

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The Untameable Leon

By: ALadyWriter OngoingHarem

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Never in Leon's wildest dream did he think that his beloved wife, Crizelda, would cheat on him and walk away with another man right after she handed him the divorce papers after everything that he did and sacrificed just to make her happy and give all the material things that she wanted. Anger and revenge were left in his heart because of what his ex-wife did, especially that before she walked away from him with the other man, she slapped him first with the truth of how much worthless he is as a person and she also said that no woman would ever like him again because he was not rich and powerful. And because of that, when a big opportunity suddenly comes to Leon, he immediately grabs it, and just in an instant, he becomes the most richest and powerful man in the world that made all the women, including women who are already in a relationship and already married, droll and mesmerized by him. He became so ruthless and untameable and just did girlfriends and hookups anywhere he went and whenever he wanted. He has no intention of changing and returning to the way he used to be anymore, not until he meets an extraordinary girl that he didn't expect that will shake his new world.

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77 chapters
"Leon, my son-in-law, how are you? Why did you call? Is everything fine there? Do you need anything?" Mommy Charmaine, my mother-in-law, asked successively from the other line the moment she answered my call which immediately made me smile. "I'm okay here, Mom. I just miss you all." I answered while wiping the sweat on my forehead and as I am also playing with a small stone with my left foot. "Aw, we miss you too, Leon. So much," she said sweetly. "Why do I feel like you want to say something more, hmm? What is it?" she added and I could hear the excitement in her voice. "You really know me very well, Mom, huh?" I said amazingly. "Of course!" she exclaimed happily. "So what is it?" I sighed heavily at first as my heart beats for joy right now before I continue speaking. "I planned on taking a half-day rest from work today and my boss just allowed me earlier, Mom. I will go home to surprise and spend time with Crizelda because it's our second wedding anniversary and also because I
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They didn't even notice me opening the door and even my presence that's why they still continued what they were doing. Even though I am feeling weak and my eyes are already blurry because of my tears, I still managed to move and get the flower vase that is just near me. I didn't waste any more time and I quickly and angrily threw it against the wall on the side of the bed and because of what I did, they suddenly stopped and I finally got their fucking attention. They turned in my direction at the same time. I fully thought that they would be surprised to see me at the door, especially my wife whom I expected to be scared and nervous because I just caught her cheating on me with another man but the opposite happened. I could clearly see the anger in my wife's eyes right now while she glared at me as she wrapped the comforter around her naked body while she was still on top of the man whom I know is the son of the Governor here in our province. He was grinning at me which made me ev
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"N-No... Y-You can't do this to me, C-Crizelda..." I said with difficulty as I am already tearing up the papers that I am just reading seconds ago. "Oh, I am sorry but I already did, Leon and those papers are the evidence. We're already divorced and I didn't even need your signature because Miguel's wealth and power alone made everything possible and easy to process," she smirked as she watched me almost go crazy because of what I just read. "No! I will not agree! We will never be separated! I will tell all this to your parents... to Mommy Charmaine and to Daddy Christian! I am sure that they will help me with this!" And after all my restraint, I finally exploded and for the first time in my entire life, I finally yelled at her. "Then go ahead. Tell them. Tell them, Leon, and just watch what will happen to them. Miguel can easily bring down my family's business in just a snap so if you really don't care about my parents, you will report all of this to them and after that, watch them
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I quickly threw the beer bottle at the wall after finishing it. I didn't waste a few more seconds and immediately grabbed another beer from the table in front of me while the television was also on. Except for the sound of the bottles hitting the wall, the noise coming from the television in front of me could also be heard throughout my small house that used to be... my wife and I's house. I was about to drink the beer that I was holding after I leaned again on the sofa I was sitting on when I just suddenly stopped and stoned from my seat because of what I just was seeing and hearing from the television. “The City Governor's son, Miguel, proudly announced that he is going to get married to the most beautiful Crizelda Alvarez. The netizens were very happy about it especially when they also announced that they are pregnant...” I suddenly became deaf to what I heard from the news reporter. My eyes remained wide open on the television as I felt my tears fall, could not believe what I f
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I quickly grabbed my head the moment I woke up. I could feel the pain coming from there as if my head was being hit repeatedly. I can also feel the pain in my whole body from my wounds and bruises in various parts that are still not healing. I couldn't quite open my eyes yet but after a few seconds passed and I suddenly felt like it was cold and I was lying on something soft and in an unfamiliar feeling, I just suddenly opened them properly. When I finally opened my eyes, a high gray ceiling with expensive lights appeared to me, which surprised me quickly. I am lying right now on a white and very soft pillow and bed which is so very unfamiliar to me. I am also already wearing a different shirt and shorts and my wounds are also bandaged which I don't remember if I changed my clothes and treated my wounds. I also quickly felt nervous as I looked around the entire room where I am lying in right now. The room is so huge. It's the same size as the house my ex-wife and I used to live at
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"And because you are now the heir of all my wealth and possessions, even all of my businesses, Leon, you must have some training so that you will not be astounded and have some difficulty in processing everything," he said minutes after I agreed to be his heir while we are both now drinking some wine. "By the way, you mentioned to me last night that you want to finish school because you only finished high school. Do you still want to study and get a degree now?" he added while we are also now facing each other on the curved sofa in his office here inside his mansion. I suddenly move from my seat a little bit right after he spoke while the excitement I am feeling is getting more and more intense because of what is happening. I can also feel how happy I am that I even think of running to Don Maximo to hug him so tight as long as I can just to prove and express my happiness as well as how thankful I am that he came unexpectedly into the darkest days of my life. "Yes, Don Maximo. I still
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"Good afternoon, Sir.""Good afternoon, Mr. Altaraza.""Good afternoon, Engineer."The employees greeted me at the same time as soon as I entered the ground floor of the company where I am right now.More people greeted me as I walked towards the elevator and to the floor where the conference room is located while my bodyguards are following me. My hands just stayed in both of my pockets while not paying attention to what was happening around me.Many of the employees even bowed at me as a sign of respect and as I always do, I just ignored them and didn't even pay attention to them while I have a serious expression on my face that if you dare to block my way, you will easily regret waking up this day.When I was already on the right floor, some of the employees immediately guided me to the conference room.When I entered, the people inside quickly stood up except for the people who were very familiar to me because they were just some of the people who were angry at me and hates me that
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"Damn you all! Fucking get off me! Fucking get off me! I will kill that animal! I will kill that fucking devil!" shouted by the stupid Miguel who is now furious and getting crazy again.He really won't stop, huh? Okay. I will finally give what he really wants."After ten seconds, I want Vasquez to be the only one left in this room," I said seriously as I made sure that they could all hear me while they were still facing my back.I didn't have to speak twice anymore because right after I said those words, I quickly heard them move and stand up and in less than ten seconds, I felt that only Miguel and I were left with my men inside the conference room.They went through the other glass door of the room that is why they all got out quickly just like I wanted.Their panic didn't escape my ears either before they all finally got out because I knew that they were well aware of how I could get angry and what I could do.I slowly turned around as my entire system was throbbing with anger. When
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I quickly pushed the two of them from my sight while they were now screaming in fear due to the still non-stop gunfire outside.They quickly hid under my bed, still panicking, while I was indifferent and irritated because what we were doing was interrupted.After just a while, the door to my room suddenly opened and one of my men came in.He bowed his head at me first before speaking while a gun was hanging from his body."Sorry for interrupting what you're doing, boss, but some members of the Vasquez family were here right now and they were very angry. They are using a chopper while they are raining bullets on the whole mansion outside. My colleagues quickly took action and they are now exchanging shots against the Velasquez, boss. We are just waiting for your command on what we still have to do," he reported.My jaws clenched quickly while my hands formed into fists.They really won't stop and just surrender, huh? Okay."Shoot their choppers. Make sure that they all fall and then tak
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"Good morning, boss. The entire clan of Vasquez already transferred their whole money to your account last night. Is there anything else you want us to do with them?" One of the men asked as I was walking calmly towards my Bugatti.I quickly felt my morning getting better when I heard that news.They quickly followed what I wanted without attacking me again, huh? I think they already learned their lesson. Good for them."Tell them not to mess with me again anymore because the next time they do it again, I will really assure them that they will extremely suffer and I will take all their possessions from them. I will leave nothing that belongs to them as well as their identities in this world," I answered evilly before I finally got into my most expensive car.After I got inside, my driver immediately started the car and drove. I just sat in the backseat while relaxing and enjoying the thought that all the plans that I already executed succeeded as I also enjoyed drinking some expensive
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