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He was one of the many millions of salary earners on earth. Confined to his job with an hectic schedule all day round with no time to attend to his own wellbeing. Finally it happened, the only way out for him to escape the bondage of being a salary earner. On his way to meet a business personnel, he was meet with stormy seas as his boat filps over and he ends up drowning to death. Questions ravaging through his mind as it dawned on him that he was going to die due to being overworked. Or at least that is what was supposed to happen. When he opened his eyes, he was meet with a bloody scene of a woman lying dead on the floor with a sword embedded in her stomach. The next occurrence was a splitting headache that had him on his knees and his voice going at the top of his lungs. After he had recovered, the memories of where he was and what had happened had all been installed into him. His goal, simple. To take revenge on behalf of the fallen queen and her kingdom. His object of revenge.... The Emperor who rules over the Conrad Empire and also the most powerful being in the continent.

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  • Timi Mason


    I am curious to know what his choice is going to be

    2022-09-17 21:42:32
  • Timi Mason


    Nice book the storyline is fast paced and every episode offers a new item

    2022-09-02 19:20:25
  • Zach Martin


    When will more chapters be out?

    2022-09-21 08:17:47
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The Summoned White Demon
The heavy rain accompanied by the echoed thunder and the sea waves flapping around and eventually devouring a boat."Ahhh"!!!. "Is this how I am going to die?. "Is this the final chapter of my pathetic life?. But the weather forecast never talked about there being a rain storm of this magnitude. After working tirelessly for days without any rest and I still end up dying while working leaving behind regrets of, I wish I had prioritized myself over my work, Or I wish I had spoke up against going on this damn business trip in the first place,But it is all too late now. My body is slowly crumbling from the inside. My vision is getting all blurry from absorbing too much water "ahh" what a pathetic life I lived.The gloomy skies filled the atmosphere with grief and discomfort in a city that was as silent as a graveyard,Splattered blood dyed the houses in red and the deformed corpses of men, women, old, young, peasants, nobles, and knights littered the city grounds, the caws of
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After leaving the capital city I came across two other cities and the sight was the same as that of the capital. It seems the Conrad Empire spared no one in the Arian kingdom.It was a complete massacre which goes to show the kind of nation am going up against.I plan to make use of the knowledge I harvested in the library as my root of getting Vengeance. I know the empire control the southern continent so fighting against them is like having to go up against the whole continent.To even the numbers I am going to need to raise an army of my own. Demon and Spirit summoning takes a lot of mana so I might not be able to summon a lot of them. Making it not that reliable in a war. Although I really do not know how strong the Summoned creatures will be but I do not want to take any fatal risks.Using human army is also out of the question unless they want to meet the same fate as the Arian kingdom. My only option is allaying myself with a different race. To do that I will have to reve
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The Executives
It has been more than a month since I dominated the ants. During that time a lot of changes have occurred in the ants nest.Because of the "king of the ant title" I am now able to do a lot of things with the ants. Things like communicating with them,Share my senses and skill with them,I can summon them and also teleport to wherever they are. The most important factor I am satisfied with is their evolution.The worker ants evolved and are now able to stand on two legs. The evolved form is referred to as "gentry". The four gentry that were guarding the nucleus meaning the standing ants evolved to "Marshal"..While the last gentry that acted as the leader evolved to a "phylum".For the worker ants the changes they had after undergoing evolutionIs becoming bigger, being able to stand on two legs, Increased strength, stamina, speed and intelligence.While for the four gentry now have exoskeleton like appearance.Unlike before that their body could be easily damaged with just a punc
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Acestes Battle
In the Sabira mountain lies a Dungeon. This dungeon is home to high level monsters and the adventurers call it the death dungeon. Adventurers below A rank are not authorized to go in and even the A rank adventurers are largely advised to go with a party.To make everyone understand the threat and dangers this dungeon posed to adventures at large they ranked it S, They also placed a huge signboard at the entrance signifying danger. The Rank And Threat LevelF-E= 10/99D-C= 100/999B= 1,000/9,999A= 10,000/99,999S-SS-SSS= 100,000In a place like that a historic moment is taking place, A being shaped like a human covered in white exoskeleton, the shoulder down to the elbow is painted red and the wrist also red, the head shaped like oval emitting red mist from its eyes, at the side of its body is four horizontal red stripes starting at the armpit sides and ending at the waist.This mysterious being walks through the dungeon's entrance with elegance and not a hint of fear in his eyes,
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The King Has Been Named
"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" "It is an empty space filled with utter silence"there were no sign's of building or people and the atmosphere continued to grow heavyThe glistening of the Sun could not be seen and the arrays of the moon vanished leaving inyl the shadows to roam. In the midst of the emptiness is a robust man with a luxurious pajamas. This man ran for his dear life,He had no idea of where he was or where he was heading to but he knew he had to run. Even though it was too dark to see anything he could still feel it, The overwhelming presence that was tailing him with every step he takes and so he ran as far as his legs could take him. Eventually his robust body gave out as he fell down on his face, A hand large enough to grab his whole body stretched out of the darkness and the man screamed as loud as he could before waking up.He woke up from his bed with deep gasp, He could feel his body sweating profusely and his heart on the verge of collapse. Zarek surveyed his surroun
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It is a fine morning but not being able to savour the nights unconsciousness is frustrating. Laying in the comfy bed I closed my eyes through dawn hoping I would fall asleep in my newly acquired mansion,The result however was the same as when I was in the ant's colony.I stood up to go to the side of the window,Getting there I basked in the sun as I view my fief from out the window. This past few days have been really fulfilling I thought. After recruiting the insects and the sub insectsinto the colony (the spider family and the Bee family), I gave the two queen names like Mia and Luna.With the both of them joining our ranks the colony's power has increased threefold and so I made them a part of the executive's so thanks for their willful enlistment. The Taratect queen is in charge of producing silk with her webs,Even though the colony does not need clothes, I plan on importing it to Edevin the city I inherited from Count Zarek. The Queen Bee is in charge of producing honey
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Feudal War Declaration
Bellrath forest,A wide woodland is the dwelling place for the elves. For centuries intruders have come seeking the resources the Bellrath forest has to offer but they have all been purged away by the elves. With their life longevity their traditions and culture have been well maintained and preserved.The elves are known for their exceptional weapon proficiency amongst all the other race.Legend also has it that the first queen of the elves was one of the three gods of creation signified by her emarald green eyes,That is why the royals who her the direct descendants of the queen also have green emarald eyes.The elven royals have a very large mana pool especially the queen,Before the reign of the current emperor the elven queen and the beast king were considered the most powerful and domineering in the southern continent.The abilities the elven royals inherited from the first queen are,The emarald eyes,The effect of the emarald eyes is perfect illusion, an ability that places a
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An Ally
This is a serious dilemma,I knew the other Lord's would be dissatisfied with my appointment but them declaring war was out of my calculations,I have been too affected by the norms of earth that I forgot this is not earth,War is a normal occurrence here,Survival of the fittest is what reigns. If I had to best describe this world I would call it a jungle where physical prowess reigns the highest. When I was summoned it was in a pool of blood and I had decayed bodies close to me. That is what the norms of this world is. "Damn it"!!!! In a rush to take over Edevin I forgot about what the other Lord's are capable of. Sending Acestes to wipe them out would be declaring to the world that I am not normal and I do not want that,All the cards are not ready yet, Going against my target in my current state would lead to a bad ending for me. [Everett is there any lord that would be willing to form an alliance with me] [ none that I can think of my lord, your background will most defin
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Fire Spirit King Summon
Four days after leaving their various city,The Lord's army arrived at a valley of a day walk to Edevin. In there they set up their camp to strategize their method of attack.At the biggest tent sits the three Count's in a circled formation with Dian Vosloo chosen to be the acting leader of the expenditure. [when do you all propose we attack] [ is there even a need to discuss such things, as we all know the city right now is defenseless against our numbers] [Zareks neglection towards the army has made most of them quit and there is no knights, I am sure the people in the city will end up opening the city gates for us as anyone with good view can see this is a hopeless fight] [ alright then at daybreak tomorrow we will take over Edevin] [so how do we split the spoils] [we will settle that after we take it over]. After talking to the guild master he promised to help persuade the adventurers to volunteer but he did say that the entire decision still rests on them.I gave him a bou
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Fire VS Ice
The flame hands that were at the back of the Fire Spirit King launched at Ophel while still in midair,Ophel casted ice pillar and ice grew from the ground upon where Ophel was in midair blocking the flame hands, Ophel then casted ice lance and from Ophel's front a gigantic ice in a lance shape came out and headed straight for the fire king,The fire king seeing this stretched out his right hand and used it to ward of the Lance, Upon making impact with the ice lance fire came out of the Fire king's right hand and vaporized the ice. After Ophel had sent the ice lance towards the fire king he descend to the ground then had his two legs in a sprinting position pushing Ophel forward,The space made sounds of cracking as Ophel pushed himself forward with a never seen before like speed, Ophel came out of the smoke caused by the vaporizing ice and set his fist against the fire king,But the fire king dodged it with his left hand.A series of hand to hand exchange occurred between the both
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