Reincarnation of the useless bastard.
Reincarnation of the useless bastard.

Blood drained bodies littered the battlefield. Dark clouds covered the sky as lightning struck multiple places at a time. Two men stood directly opposing each other, one above and one below. They were the only ones surviving out of the numerous humans that had appeared on the battle field. A maniacal laughter echoed. 

"It doesn't have to be this way Konrad" Admist the unspoken terror a calm man looked up to the sky and spoke.

"Haha, join me. Join me and we can can rule the world together. Forget these hypocritical heathens, all they do is betray. Come with me and we can be Lords together." A crazy looking man spoke as he floated above.

The calm man standing at the bottom sighed as regret filled his face. After a moment of thinking, conviction filled his face and his eyes narrowed. "I am sorry" He muttered as the space around him distorted. A brilliant red armor covered his whole body and a giant sword appeared in his hand.

"So you have decided to forsake me. So be it" The man above said with a voice filled with disappoinment. He waved his hand and thunder cackled. Lightning struck the place the man below stood.

The space contorted and the man disappeared just before the lightning could touch him, in the next moment he appeared high above directly facing the man who floated, and he waved his sword. A Sonic boom was given off as a clash of powers occured. The fate of the world would be decided on this very day.

But before the end, one must know the very beginning. Let us go back...back to when the legend hadn't grown and peace still reigned.


"I'm sorry I can't continue this relationship any longer...i don't wish to spent my life with a useless man" The cold voice of a female rang in Harith's ears. He could still hear her like she was beside her.

Anger, pain, agony, heartbreak, misery, a mixture of emotions flooded Harith's heart. He felt like he was shrouded in darkness, never to see the light again. Memories of the old days came to him, the days when he happily smiled, handheld with his girlfriend. Now he was nothing but a useless heartbroken man.

A knock on the door disturbed the moment of painful silence. "Coming" Harith answered, his voice hoarse. It was evident that he had been crying for hours atleast. He wiped the tears from his face and went over to the door.

As Harith opened the door he was surprised to see a face belonging to none other than his landlord. "Ah Mr Chen, what brings you here today" Harith feigned ignorance, he very clearly knew what the landlord was here for.

The stern crunched up face of Landlord Chen could scare even the most brave of soldiers. He clearly wasn't here to deliver any good news. Rasing his hand, Mr Chen slammed a paper on Harith's chest "Five days" he said. "You have five days to pay me my rent or you leave" 

"F...five days?" Harith muttered weakly. He didn't have enough money to take him through today how then would he get the money to pay for the rent. " Ah Mr Chen, come on in first let's talk more about it" Harith said in his best pleading voice. But before he even finished, Mr Chen had already turned his back and was on his way. "Aigoo, what a useless piece of crap" Mr Chen said as he walked away.

Harith weakly accepted his fate. He dropped to the floor with his back resting on the door. He looked at the room he couldn't afford to pay for. Very surely one would wretch immediately they saw the room. Cobwebs filled the top of his ceiling and they were particularly much in the corners. The white painted walls of the room couldn't even be recognized. One would think it was naturally brown. His bed wasn't even enough to contain him. The exposed foam was riddled with holes all over. And to the corner, a pile of clothes. 

The sole window in the room was just a block of space carved into the wall. Harith's body was filled with red spot mainly because of this window. He considered nighttime his time of war. Why? you ask. Well...the thousands of mosquitoes that flooded his room every night was no joke. It wasn't surprise because his room was literally located next to a huge garbage dump. This was one of the worst living conditions in the country and yet he couldn't even afford it.

Well atleast Harith had one thing to smile about, tomorrow would be his final day of college. Once he becomes a graduate and gets his certificate he would immediately set out to find a job. For now he just had to manage with his part time job as a waiter. A job that paid him much less than the minimum wage but who's he to complain. Like they say...A beggar has no choice.

"Ah fuck this, cheer up, it'll be alright. Infact let's go for a walk" Harith motivated himself. Even with the break-up and all the bad events in his life, he couldn't let them get to him. Life was to short to be sulking over these matters. Worst comes to worst he'll be a homeless isn't all that bad.

He wore one of his best clothes and left his house. Being poor doesn't mean one should look poor. He loved by this rule.

Outside the run down room was the beautiful Pear city. One of the best cities in the country, sucks that Harith found himself on the worse part of it though. With a forced smile and some long strides, Harith began his walk. The hustle and bustle of the city filled the void in Harith's heart. He didn't like being alone, being among people felt much better.

Some of the shops were closed down, they were observing some kind of pubic holiday. Harith's place of work was among those shops too so he was very much free from work today. Something that he would have celebrated with his girlfriend but as life saw it....

"Mister" Harith heard a voice call. He searched around but couldn't find who had spoken.

"Over here" A little hand poked from beneath his line of vision.

"oh...hey there" Harith waved and put on a big smile. 

"Mister bike fell in the gutter...." the kid said all teary eyed. "I...I can't get it out and m...mother isn't here" 

"ok now don't cry, it's just a bike alright." Harith comforted the little kid. Ah he could remember those days when he was still a child, without a care in the world, all happy and giggly. "Alright I'll help you get it out now, is that alright?" He said.

"Yay! Follow me!" the kid instantly cheered up and after signaling to Harith he ran.

"Wait up" Harith ran after the kid. 

After minutes of running and the kid still hadn't stopped, a bad feeling welled up in Harith's heart. They were now in a sparsely habited area. One could barely see a person in these places. Was the boy really riding a bike in these areas?

"Hey aren't we there yet?" Harith had begun to get tired so he questioned.

The question was met with silence, the running footsteps of the little boy still continued.

Harith immediately frowned as he began to worry more. This kid couldn't be leading him to a robber's den could he? Incidents like this had been occuring lately in the city, where strangers would be led to area unknown and robbed off everything on them. "These guys wouldn't dare use a child, would they?" Harith muttered, his head looking to the ground.

"I'm back" the little boy spoke.

Harith smiled. Finally they had reached the bike. "So where's the bi-" Harith froze as he rose his head. Immediately he saw what was in front of him he knew he was fucked. 

"Good boy, as you promised hehe" A crooked figure handed some wrapped candy to the boy Harith had been following. The boy grabbed the candy and went to a corner, sat down and started roughly tearing them open.

"So then...Hello" The man looked directly at Harith with a mischievous smile on his face.

Harith was too stunned to speak, his fight of flight level was peaking. This isn't a good situation no matter how one looked at it.

One step, two steps Harith moved as he made a run for it. He wasn't leaving anything to chance.

*Thud* Harith's head came in contact with a hard object. Ignoring the pain on his forehead, he looked his horror. A very huge male stood blocking his path, looking down on him like he was an ant.

"Come on now, don't try to run. I'm not gonna hurt you, well that's if you comply, but don't be shy come" The skinny man from earlier said. He was used to this, most people's first reactions in situations like this was to was normal human instinct.

"L...look I have nothing on me, nothing at all. So let me just go please, there nothing I can g...give you" Harith had started stuttering now as he pleaded with the man.

"Oh is that so" The man smiled, obviously not believing Harith. He signalled to the huge male behind Harith.

*Bam* it was like thunder struck. The sound coming from the contact of the huge man's hand with Harith's mid section.

"ugh" Harith groaned as he fell to the floor, his hands gripping his stomach. He was experiencing pain like never before. Being punched in the guts sucked!

"Search him" The skinny man told his partner.

The huge man grabbed Harith by the neck and began running his hands all over his body. After minutes of checking his efforts were to no avail as he couldn't find even a dime on Harith.

"Eh? No money?" The skinny man asked in confusion 

"No money" The huge man affirmed.

"What a useless piece of shit" The skinny man cursed, his face scrunched up in irritation. His big smile from earlier had dropped. How could one as young and handsome as this fella not have a tiny bit of money on him...this could be said to be the very definition of uselessness.

"I...I told you *cough* I have nothing on" Harith said as he struggled to get himself up from the ground.

"tsk tsk. And here I was thinking we'd hit a jackpot today. "Demetri, waste him" The skinny man said shaking his head and walking away.

"waste...w..what do you mean waste hi-" At the moment Harith suddenly felt himself hit the ground. The pain didn't register but he was sure something had hit him.

"ah fuck!" Harith cursed in extreme pain. He felt a very sharp pain in his temple. He couldn't even see well, only thing that filled his vision was red.

"Useless" The huge man's gritty voice reverberated as he kicked Harith hard on the head.

Harith was a short man, not more than 5 foot 6, compared to the towering man that seemed to be well over seven feet he was like a doll to be played with. 

In the dark corners of Pear City, a brutal beating occured. The slowly fading shouts of an agonized man followed it like bread and wine and a life was slowly lost. 

As he was being beaten Harith only regretted one thing...he didn't even get to use some of the martial arts he had learned in high school...


"Wake up" A very thick voice echoed. It was like something clicked in Harith's head, his mind instantly became awake as his eyes opened. He squinted in reflex to the bright light coming from his surroundings. 

"Where am I?" Harith spoke with a weak voice. His mind was foggy and he struggled to make meaning of whatever was occuring.

"You have been given a second chance at life, arise and receive your gift Harith son of Clint Cooper." the voice was earlier spoke.

Harith covered his ears, the voice was really loud. It felt as if it was speaking directly in his head.

"Tell me now what you wish so that it may be granted unto you before your departure, tell me Human" The voice kept on speaking even though Harith offered to response.

" this the afterlife?" Harith mumbled. He could vaguely remember the pain from being man handled by that beast of a man. Did he die? 

"This is merely a gateway to worlds far and beyond. Tell me your wish Harith son of Clint Cooper and you shall be free to start your second journey." The voice spoke 

"Ah, so I'm not going to hell...wait....wish? You mean you'll grant me any wish I ask of you now?" Harith was suddenly filled with energy. He had digested what the voice said. According to it he was going to be given a second chance at life, which to his understanding was obviously reincarnation. It was just like those animes and comics talked about! And moreso, any wish he made now would be granted.

"Yes, Now say your wish and be gone" The voice had a tint of irritation embedded in it.

"Well if what the stories say are true, I would surely be taken to a world of magic...well then. I wish to be the strongest magic users in the world I am taken!" Harith screamed. He was tired of being the unknown useless guy. If he was given a second chance at life then he would take his opportunity to the fullest and make a name for himself. What other way to make a name for himself than to become the strongest that ever lived.

There was a moment of immediately Harith made his wish known. Erratic thoughts were going through Harith's mind. He still couldn't believe this was happening...he had really died and was about to be reincarnated!

"Very well then Harith son of Clint Cooper, your wish is granted. Take this and make your way" As soon as the voice finished speaking the intensity of the light in the area grew so bright that Harith was completely blinded by it. In the next moment the light diminished and nothing was left but a bright open sky.


"Fuck" A voice shouted as harith opened his eyes to a new world.

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