Chapter 488: Following the Trail

"Look out!" Bruce suddenly pushed Sarah away.


The bullet hit the ground and left a hole.

"Again?" Sarah fell to the ground. Fortunately, Sarah quickly held her hands to the ground to balance herself. Otherwise, Sarah would have been injured.

Saran wondered why people in Carthage could get guns so easily. Sarah had already experienced several gunshots in a day.


There were two more shots. Despite the silencer, Bruce could still hear the gunshots faintly.

Two Soul Swords appeared in Bruce's hands; then he parried the two incoming bullets—the impact produced sparks.

"There is one right in front, 1 o'clock direction."

"One more at seven o'clock."

Bruce confirmed the shooter's location through the bullet trajectory. Bruce looked to the side and kicked the wooden door next to him.

"Go in and hide inside. I'll get rid of them!" Bruce pushed Sarah into the room.



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