Chapter 489: The Mystery of Intelligence

Bruce couldn't believe the boy had undergone so much change in less than half a month. But Bruce could still recognise Leviathan's voice.

"Bruce, did you return because of Mr Maverick and the others?" Leviathan walked up to Bruce.

Bruce looked around. "Why did you wake up so early? Did you not sleep well?"

"I woke up when you opened the door, Bruce. I have installed infrared alarm devices on the walls and all the gates of the welfare house. Once someone enters the welfare house, I will be alerted by the tablet."

Leviathan took out a small tablet, which showed the display of some software. "Infrared alarm device?"

"Did Mrs Sanders buy this tablet for you? How did you get an infrared alarm device?" Bruce asked in surprise.

"I bought the tablet while I installed the infrared alarm device and others in the welfare house. I did it when everyone was asleep at night."

"Miley and Mrs Sanders don't know about it."

"The whole thing cost

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