Chapter 490: False Accusations

[Location: at the police station.]

"Come on, let's go see Mr Maverick now." Bruce looked at the door of the police station.

"Come with me."

Sarah led Bruce to the police station.

"Captain Johnson, why are you back?"

"Sarah, you're home! I heard that something happened to the Sea Queen that you travelled on Yakut during a business trip!"

"Captain Johnson!" Everyone in the police station was surprised by Sarah's arrival.

The two went to the innermost room of the police station where the prisoner was.

"Why is Mr Maverick still locked up at the police station?" asked Bruce.

Bruce says the inmate must be transferred to prison after the first hearing.

"I heard that because Mr Maverick hasn't explained much, and the police still want to know how many drug dealers there are in Carthage, so he's locked up here for now."

As Sarah explained, a gate blocked her way.

"Captain Johnson." A police officer stood up.<

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