Chapter 491: The Perfect Trap

"This is indeed too coincidental; could it be that someone..." Sarah muttered. Bruce raised his head and looked at the rehabilitation centre behind him.

"This is not possible. It must have been planned."

"Someone got rid of all these people before we could get any information and left us with no leads!" Bruce clenched his fist.

Now, all the clues that might have existed were gone. Even if Bruce believed in Mr Maverick, it was useless that he had no evidence to prove that Mr Maverick was not a drug dealer. The court needed evidence!

"Then what should we do now?" asked Sarah. Bruce said nothing.

"Well... we haven't eaten since this morning. How about... let's eat something?" Sarah whispered.

Bruce raised his head and walked while pushing his motorbike.

"Hey, where are you going?"


"Who do you think is behind this? Everything is well planned; the person behind all this is not someone to be underestimated."

"And I know Mr Maverick's influence very well. " While eating, Bruce frowned
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