Chapter 495: Interrogation

Roy continued to crawl on the ground. Roy did not have the courage of Dextor, who could kill everyone, including himself, and all he wanted to do right now was live.


Roy screamed in pain. There were four Soul Swords embedded in his thigh.

"Release me. Please let me go. Bruce, we are still family, after all." Roy prayed while crawling.

Bruce moved his finger slightly, and four more Soul Swords pierced Roy's back.

"Family? Now you know that we're family? I haven't forgotten how you, the family, treated us, mother and daughter."

A murderous aura and a cold feeling, at this moment, everything appeared in Bruce's mind. Four more Soul Swords were stuck on Roy's back.

"Ah, Bruce. I am guilty. I know I'm guilty; I'm just a dog from the Waylen family. That, those things are not what I want to do." Roy cried and shouted; he was scared.


Roy's arm was in pain as four Soul Swords were stabbed into h

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