Chapter 496: The Beginning Of The End

"You said your evidence was stored in a shopping mall in the centre of Carthage?" Bruce looked at the Masked Fox suspiciously.

The woman nodded. "Yes. How can I take those things with me? Of course, I'll find a place to hide them."

Bruce thought for a moment.

"Bruce, I think this woman might be lying to you," Derek said cautiously.

Bruce looked at the Masked Fox again.

"Believe it or not, but I value my life very highly," the woman responded with a shrug.

"Sarah, wait here. You can call the police and have them come. I'll go with him to get the evidence." Bruce made a decision.

The Masked Fox smiled and looked at Bruce. "Young man, aren't you afraid I will attack you if you go alone?"

"Before you attack, my sword will split your veins," Bruce replied coldly.

Bruce pushed the Masked Fox out. There were several cars parked on the roadside by the men in black.

Bruce casually found a car and threw the Masked Fox in th

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