Alex smiled at the scene before him.

“Activate the special task function, clear all obstacles. The first car should go on full tempo, while the rest follow up with moderate energy,” Alex instructed.

At once, the cars revved up their engines, frightening those lying on it, or on the ground before it. But against all expectations, a heavy wind flew out from the cars, pushing the crowd back, and just like in the Red Sea, a wide path was created, enabling the cars to speed through.

Lots of the paid actors kept trying to fight the wind and throw themselves before the car as they were instructed, to no avail.

After the cars were safely parked before the entrance, the wind from the exhaust pipes gently receded.

But those trying to fall down and feign an accident couldn't do it no matter what. There seemed to be an invisible strand of energy forcing those in the outer peripherals to remain standing, till the space closed up, as the people in the crowd began to push each other, attempting to
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