At once, the crowd got swept up into the frenzy, murmuring with all their hearts about the genius murderer before them.

“Wow, he's already a hardened criminal. If he killed his grandfather, he probably also killed the pregnant woman,”

“That's why they say looks can be deceptive. Who would have thought that such a devilish, cold heart would exist beneath that handsome face? His handsome and innocent looks are just veils to hide his evil nature.” Another muttered.

Karen smiled in satisfaction, same with the masked people beside him.

“I would like to see how he gets out of this since he's so smart. Every family in the upper echelon knew when he was kicked out, and the reason he was sent away. Whether he did it or not, if we said he did it, then he must have done it. That's how the world works, it's too bad he's as naive as his foolish mother,” a voice belonging to a woman in her late thirties or early forties said, seemingly satisfied with the way things were going.

“You all like to pedd
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