Alex and his guards quickly squat down, while Raz swirled around, making the bullets miss his hands.

Everyone in the crowd began to shout, causing pandemonium.

The policemen quickly abandoned the miscreants they were arresting, and quickly took cover, searching for the culprits.

A staccato of gunshots went off once more, in Alex's direction, making the crowd roar in panic.

“Protect him!” Raz ordered and the guards quickly pushed Alex inside the vehicle.

Alex smirked and shook his head, did they imagine that ordinary bullets would kill him?

Assassins? What a joke.

“Check in the four o'clock direction, there's a sniper hiding there,” Alex instructed through the mic he was wearing on his wrist.

Alex relaxed back in the car, watching the crowd that Karen hired as they ran away, stomping on some unlucky ones in the process.

Alex chuckled wickedly, as he watched some people being trampled to death.

“I hope the money he paid you all would be enough to pay for your medical fees after receivin
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