Raz stared coldly at her, making her stagger back in horror.

“Raz, answer her with wisdom. We are on live broadcast. Can you see that camera hovering around there? The drone is giving back live feed to news stations, in addition to the ones being operated by the journalist. Besides, she's obviously here for the scoop, unbidden by Karen. She's a dedicated journalist, staking out here despite the multiple gunshots. While the hired goons that are only driven by the peanuts they received scattered immediately they detected danger. Don't frighten her,” Alex ordered through the mouthpiece on his wrist, staring at the blue-eyed blonde, wearing a shapeless jeans trouser, polo, and jacket.

Her low heeled boots that looked weathered due to how many times she must have worn it during field works, combined with her outfit to give her a weird look.

She was beautiful. However, her baggy and shapeless outfit completely hid away her gorgeous body from sight, leaving only her face.

Raz's stare suddenl
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