“There are a few nasty things we discovered about the Winthrop family. They are taking drastic steps to ensure that our efforts to shake up Winthrop's businesses won't affect them much. They are even going as far as laundering money, to siphon illegal funds into the businesses. Karen also kills any employee that stumbles upon any inappropriate scene, or makes them disappear. They also made provisions to ensure that nothing negative will be announced about the Winthrops on the news. The incidents to sabotage their dealings were also tightly sealed. And they increased their security with well trained assassins. Karen seems to have access to a demonic organization. All the assassins employed cultivate dark energies. Karen Winthrop also seems to have someone powerful backing him up. And most importantly, he's desperately searching for you. He has placed a billion dollar bounty on your head on different top assassin organizations; including the dark web, dragon court, and blood temple. He'
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