Alex stood before the monitors in the control tower, watching the videos before him.

“It was Hailey Campbell who instructed the landlord to throw them out of the house,” Aridan whispered, checking his tablet phone.

“What information do you have about her?” Alex asked, sitting down on the throne beside him.

“She's Lady Eleanor's cousin from the side branch. She's an ambitious model, who had set her sights on the Campbell family's businesses, orchestrating various plans to send Eleanor who was her main rival away. However, lady Eleanor's competence always ensured that her plans were frustrated. She finally got her chance when lady Eleanor fell pregnant with the twins, pulling some strings alongside her supporters in the Campbell family to kick her out, stripping her parents of their powers. They became equivalent to poverty stricken rags after the incident. It wouldn't have created much problems since Lady Eleanor was well educated and experienced. However, she also pulled strings behin
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