"What is going on here?" Annabelle asked in surprise.

She could not just fathom what was going on, although she knew she was just about being kidnapped.

Reuben held her hand and led the way back to the car, away from the sirens and the people who were being arrested.

" What just happened here? Why is Louisa and that man being arrested? Who are those men? " Annabelle asked all at once.

" Let's sit in the car and speak for a bit.

There are still a lot of things you need to know, " Reuben said as he unlocked the car with the remote.

He opened the door for Annabelle to sit down and closed the door.

He walked to the driver side and sat behind the steering, roaring the engine to life.

" I'm ready for the questions now, but before to ask, let me begin with narration," Reuben said as he drove out of the parking lot and out of the premises.

" I know you have a lot of questions. First of all, our date has not been canceled. We are on our way to a new restaurant.

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