Grandma was in her room in a phone call.

It was time for dinner and she needed to go eat.

The househelp had served her meal and informed her about it.

Grabdma came out to the dunning room when one of her guards entered, with an envelope in her hand.

" Excuse me ma'am, there is a parcel for you," the guard said as soon as he walked in.

" Who is it from?" Grabdma asked

" There is no sender's address, only the delivery address, and that is here." The guard said.

He handed over the envelope to Grandma.

Grandma took the envelope and muttered a " thank you" as the guard left.

She was curious as to who would send an envelope without a sender's address.

Grandma did not touch any of his cutlery. Instead, he opened the envelope to see the contents.

The envelope contained a single sheet.

She took out the paper and read the contents of the paper.

" Dear Mrs Anderson,

We have not8ced your recent activities, and we know where you invested all your money..

We can assure you that the
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