Louisa and Jakes were pulled out of the police van, with the handcuffs on their hands.

They both looked surprised as they could not fathom how they had just been intercepted in the middle of their operation and arrested by the police.

The police had confiscated their phones and all that was with them.

Louisa had seen Reuben and Annabelle earlier at the scene, while they walked away, after Reuben told the policeman something.

She was sure Reuben had found out about their plan and had laid ambush for them.

" Is this what your plan led us to? In prison?" Louisa screamed out to Jakes when they were arrested.

All she got was a caution from the police to keep her mouth shut, with the addition that whatever she said at that time could be used against her in the court.

Louisa knew that was the end.

They had been caught in the act, and she was sure that the boys were going to confess that Jakes was their leader.

She was caught with Jakes at the same time at that scene,
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