Grandma Andersons Mansion.

Three hours later, Grandma had just alighted from her car with the factory manager.

She saw madam Rebecca and Martha coming towards her.

They all wore sad faces to meet her.

There was an awkward silence amongst the trio as they welcomed Grandma, but Grandma did not say anything.

She was just smiling through the whole process.

The two wondered what there was to smile about the trouble they had at that moment.

They went to the living room, and all of them sat around.

" Where is Louisa? I was told she was coming to the hospital to see me but she never came.

Where is she now?" Grandma asked.

She noticed that everybody else's face changed at once.

She suspected that something was wrong.

" What is it? Why is no one talking to me?" Grandma asked.

She was eager to know what was going on.

The manager looked at Madam Rebecca.

" Have you told her yet?" She asked him.

The manager shook his head in the negative

" What is there to tell me, someone to speak
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