The driver drove into the premises of the police station.

The sun shone high above the sky, and everywhere was bright light.

Grandma got down from the car and hurried towards the entrance.

" You are welcome ma'am" one of the policemen who knew her greeted her as soon as she entered.

" I want to see Louisa now," she fumed, ignoring the greeting from the policeman.

" Certainly ma'am, you have to wait for just a few minutes. I will be right back with you, " the policeman said with a dry smile and walked back in.

Grandma stood in front of the policewoman at the reception.

She looked at her with a deadly look, and the woman did her best to avoid the gaze and ignore her.

Grandma stood there shaking vibrantly.

She could feel her knees hurt from the stand, but she ignored the pain and stood there.

Her only aim at that time was to see Louisa and speak with her, and that was exactly what she was doing.

After standing for about three minutes, she was already losing her patience.

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