Monday morning. Courtroom

The courtroom was set for the proceedings to take place.

Reuben was seated with Annabelle and their family lawyer.

They sat on the side of the plaintiff.

On the defendant side sat Grandma Anderson, Jake’s father, madam Rebecca, and a few new unfamiliar faces.

They had two lawyers on the defendants side, The Jakes family lawyer and the Anderson family lawyer.

They were all seated and waiting for the proceedings to start.

Earlier in the previous day, Grandma, together with her family lawyer, had visited Louisa and Jakes again, and they had spoken.

According to the conversation with their lawyer, they were better off by pleading guilty to the accusations and pleading for mercy, in that case, they were going to be pardoned and their sentence was going to be released.

They had come into an agreement with the family lawyer for the Jakes family to do that.

Both families had no money left in their accounts to drag th
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