Grandma had just returned home from the courtroom and was in her mansion.

Madam Martha and Madam Rebecca were with her, still trying to console her.

Grandma could just not bear to see her going to jail.

She had broken down in tears right from the courtroom and had to be brought home.

They had to bring her to the house forcefully.

As they sat down weeping, a knock came on the door.

“ Come in please” Madam Rebecca said

The door opened, and a guard walked in.

“ There are some people here to see you ma'am” the guard said.

Grandma was absent-minded about the whole surroundings as she kept weeping.

“ Who is that?” Madam Rebecca asked.

The guard did not reply. Instead, he stood aside.

Three policemen walked in with one other man.

The man without a uniform came forward.

He had an ID in his hand and a paper in the other hand.

“ My name is Mr Andrews, and these are inspectors Jack and Jill, we have an arrest warrant against Mrs Evelyn Anderson, and we are here to take

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