Chapter 5497
The private jet that was modified from a Boeing 748 took off from JFK Airport at 9:00 PM local time in New York and headed to Aurous Hill, Oskia, which was ten thousand kilometers away.

After a twelve-hour flight, the Ackers’ plane landed smoothly at Aurous Airport at 9:00 PM local time.

The staff who had arrived in Aurous Hill in advance arranged a convoy to pick the elderly couple, Christian, Merlin, and the others back to Willow Manor.

It was already late at night when the convoy arrived at Willow Manor. Willow Manor was particularly peaceful and comfortable, and the Ackers’ butler took the four of them directly to the villa in the center.

The four of them were somewhat exhausted after travelling for more than ten hours. Therefore, they went back to their rooms to rest after the rooms were assigned.

The villas in Willow Manor were very large in size with three levels above ground and a basement with a usable area of at least eight to nine hundred square meters. As the area
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