Chapter 5498
No one could imagine that after so many years with so many people searching the ground in Aurous Hill, Charlie would still be in this city.

Twenty years later, Charlie’s grandparents and uncle were here again. Charlie knew from Merlin and Quinn’s descriptions that his grandparents had never given up looking for him for so many years. Charlie wanted to be reunited with his grandparents and the Ackers as well so that the two elderly people would no longer worry and blame themselves for his unknown fate.

However, he could only suppress this thought temporarily when he thought of how the Qing Eliminating Society was still refusing to let his grandparents and the Ackers off.

Since his grandparents had already arrived in Aurous Hill and probably planned to live here for a long time, judging from their attitude, Charlie would have to live right under their noses for quite some time. Under such circumstances, it would not be easy to ensure that his identity was not revealed.

However, he
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