Chapter 5499
Lady Acker had gotten accustomed to having to explain her husband’s condition to him when they woke up every morning before letting him know the current time and telling him what had happened recently or even yesterday’s events.

This was mainly because Keith’s memory had deteriorated so severely that he could no longer remember what had happened over the past ten years. He would definitely forget what happened every day the very next day.

However, based on their conversation just now, it seemed as if Keith could remember the tiring journey yesterday and the blurry scene he had seen under the moonlight when they came to Willow Manor by car. Lady Acker was truly amazed.

Keith was a little surprised. He touched his forehead and asked her, “Is it very strange for me to remember what happened yesterday?”

Lady Acker was filled with joy as she said, “It has been a long time since you remembered what happened the day before after waking up the next day.”

With that said, Lady Acker asked
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