Chapter 5501
Merlin exclaimed in awe when he heard Lady Acker’s words, “Aunt Holly, that is a great idea!”

After saying that, he immediately took out his cell phone, turned on the video recording function, and said, “We will take turns recording Uncle Keith. Christian, please arrange for someone to buy a few action cameras that can be worn on a person to record non-stop. When Uncle Keith rests in the evening, you can ask people to import all the materials into the computer so we can review the videos together in the morning tomorrow!”

Christian was very excited as well and said without hesitation, “Okay! I’ll make the arrangements now!”

Lady Acker added, “I think the environment here is indeed very good. Keith, let’s have some breakfast quickly, and I’ll take you out to the lake for a walk after that. Perhaps there will be better results!”

When Merline heard this, he hurriedly said, “Aunt Holly, I have a different opinion on this point. I think you and Uncle Keith should stay in this villa inst
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